Who ever controls the food and water supply controls the entire population

Michelle Obama Throwing Food onto Global Warming List

By —— Bio and Archives--March 14, 2014

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Red Alert: With most public focus on her husband’s stridently anti-American policies, unelected Michelle Obama, has found her way into peoples’ homes by surreptitiously adding the everyday food the masses eat to the Global Warming list.  It should go without saying that who ever controls the food and water supply controls the entire population.


Making the food supply subject to Global Warming through new dietary guidelines to be mandated by Congress is the latest move for control by the Obama regime.  It is going down tomorrow at a closed-door meeting.

Without the loud warning bells rung by the Washington Examiner, it would appear as if the Agriculture and Health and Human Services departments were only behind closed doors to update new food guidelines for publication next year.

According to their coming whitewash, food leaves as huge a carbon footprint as the cars and aircraft transporting officials to United Nations global warming get togethers.

In short, Michelle Obama is moving out of the school cafeteria into the full food mainstream where she will get control over every bite people eat, under the pretense it’s easing the Global Warming that is now the Democrats’  main election platform.

It was all too easy shooing the overbearing Michelle out of the school cafeteria, but all but impossible to get her off your dinner plate.

The ‘First Lady’ ran into the brick wall of natural law in the school cafeteria when kids proved they would rather go hungry than eat most menu items she tried to force down their young gullets.

Mom’s lovingly packed homemade sandwich was more welcome than anything a politician’s wife could force on them.

Hungry kids, like hungry adults, don’t stand on ceremony and won’t eat food pressed on them—even when the orders are coming from a president’s wife.

It is pollution for the Obama administration to force food onto their ever-expanding Global Warming list in their undemocratic grab for power.

Who is Michelle Obama to install herself at the top of the food chain?

Michelle Obama is only ‘First Lady’ in the sense that all wives of serving presidents are First Ladies.

Michelle Obama is not, in any meaningful measurable way, a qualified Nutritionist.  One needs to have more expertise than that which comes from gorging on food to have any credibility as a schooled nutritionist.

For all of her newly seized power, in reality Michelle Obama is Mrs. Barack Obama.  She was not duly elected to any post.  She is not authorized in any way to impose herself on anyone’s food.

Michelle has pushed herself into the role of Nation Nutritionist and Top Food Cop the same way she pushes herself onto guest appearances on popular television shows, where her main ‘talent’ lies in shaking her booty.  Cut it any way you want, but she’s nothing more than a bit player masquerading as a First Lady.

As far as being Mrs. Barack Obama, nobody really knows how this deadly duo got together, and because of the Marxist misery they are spreading, nobody much cares either. Vanity Fair magazine claims she “reduced her work schedule to 20 percent in order to meet the needs of her family” when Barack Obama announced his presidential candidacy back in 2007. 

Bad enough that Obama as a government-funded community organizer was elected on a campaign to deliberately destroy America, but his unelected, power-lusting wife is now about to run the human food chain.

Millions now know what Obama has done for freedom to date.  He runs a TSA with their hands down your pants while international terrorists get a pass;  the IRS which bankrupts Tea Party patriots, an NSA which desecrates all civilian privacy.

Add to this list of freedom-killing moves, Obama wants control of children starting at kindergarten age;  renders a World Superpower toothless by reducing the American military the rest of the world has counted on for generations to pre-World War II status and forces millions of families off their health insurance.

With Obama’s latest bid to have his wife control the public’s food supply by bringing food under the Global Warming umbrella, it’s little wonder that Barack Obama warned the world in 2008 “Lay off my wife”.

The resounding response from civilian life should be “Lay off our food”.


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