Michelle Obama is every bit as interested in following in her husband’s footsteps as Hillary Clinton was of hers - even more

Michelle Obama’s True Agenda

By —— Bio and Archives--April 15, 2010

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Make no mistake, America; Michelle Obama is every bit as interested in following in her husband’s footsteps as Hillary Clinton was of hers - even more.


Michelle Obama is making her first solo trip abroad to Mexico where she plans to begin organizing world support for her future political ambitions. The White House called it: “the kickoff of the first lady’s international agenda.” It should really be called, “the kickoff of Michelle Obama’s political career.” This “agenda” involves converting the world’s youth to her cause in what an administration official deemed, a “youth engagement.”

Regarding Michelle Obama’s target crowd of youth, that same White House official also said, “as a society we have a responsibility to support and nurture them.” Really? Sounds a lot like, “It takes a village.” Now where did we hear that before?

If that White House official wanted to be more honest, they would have said, “as a future socialist leader of the free world, Michelle Obama wants to nurture the youth now so they will support her later.”

Having free range of the world stage to promote your political agenda for the next three or seven years, makes for a powerful political foundation here in the USA. And getting young people around the world committed to a cause - any cause - in the name of Obama, will surely propel Michelle Obama to the front of the line for any “stepping stone” political seat that becomes conveniently available at the end of her husband’s term in office.

I would venture to guess a governorship or senate seat will do just fine, although a governorship would be preferable to Michelle, based on how not having any “executive” experience hurt her husband during the presidential primaries and his eventual presidential campaign.

Once elected to her new office, Michelle Obama’s road map to the White House will be complete.

As my mom often said, “Mark my words.”


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