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Neil Braithwaite writes political commentary and satire.

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46 Gold Medals – No Apologies

Aug 13, 2012 — Neil Braithwaite

There’s nothing in sports that quite compares to going head-to-head against another country’s athletes in Olympic competition. It’s us against them – America versus the world.

All Aboard Obama’s Transformation Train

Feb 10, 2012 — Neil Braithwaite

“All aboard!” yells the conductor, from the steps of the car just behind the powerful locomotive looking back down the line for late boarding passengers and finally signaling the train’s engineer that it’s safe to leave the station.

It’s the Fourth Quarter in America

Feb 7, 2012 — Neil Braithwaite

It’s the fourth-quarter. One team is standing on the sidelines beaten and battered trying to figure out if it can pull off a miracle come back. It’s the fourth-quarter in America, too. Just last month 1.2 million formerly employed people disappeared into the black hole of a political unemployment equation – never to be counted again. This isn’t a game to those millions of Americans who are out of work or under employed – this is their life. But the other team doesn’t see it that way. To them it’s about winning at all costs – even if it means playing outside the rules.

Obama Picks Consumers’ Pockets with Energy Policy

Jan 25, 2012 — Neil Braithwaite

A milestone was just reached when gas prices at the pump increased 100% from an average price of around $1.79 per gallon when Barack Obama took office as president.

A teacher, a veteran, a postal worker and a fireman walk into a restaurant…

Jan 7, 2012 — Neil Braithwaite

Sound like the start of a joke to you?

Well the joke’s on you if you happened to be a Democrat who entered the Obama campaign’s national contest to have lunch with the President thinking you had as good a chance to win as the next guy.

Pay no attention to that man behind the teleprompter

Dec 7, 2011 — Neil Braithwaite

Trembling in fear with her three friends before the Great Oz, Dorothy’s frustration poured out when she said, “If you were really great and powerful you’d keep your promises.”

America’s Whining CEO

Nov 23, 2011 — Neil Braithwaite

So how fast would it take the board of directors of any fortune 500 company, forced by angry stockholders, to dump a CEO that did nothing but whine since he was hired except make excuses and blame everyone else but himself for his poor job performance and lack of results?

Herman Cain, Pro Football and Racism

Nov 21, 2011 — Neil Braithwaite

Many voices in the mainstream media along with several liberal Democrat political pundits have posited that conservatives and Republicans dislike President Obama because they are racists, and actually support Herman Cain in an effort to hide that racism.

Will OWS End Well?

Oct 24, 2011 — Neil Braithwaite

From Music to Arts festivals to NASCAR race weekends, events that span several days are very appealing and exciting for hard core fans. These kinds of events often allow fans and enthusiasts to camp out on sight and get a 24/7 fix of their favorite entertainment or pastime.

Marion Jones – Diplomatic Ambassador?

Oct 19, 2011 — Neil Braithwaite

In a glaring example of bad judgment, the State Department has chosen former Olympian and convicted perjurer, Marion Jones to represent the United States as a diplomat to Serbia and Croatia in an effort to encourage those countries devastated by war and natural disasters.

Millionaires and Billionaires plan “Occupations” of their own

Oct 18, 2011 — Neil Braithwaite


Following the lead of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protesters, millionaires and billionaires from around the world are planning “Occupations” of their own.

Not So Sweet Home Alabama

Oct 3, 2011 — Neil Braithwaite

Last week, after a judge’s ruling upheld the majority of Alabama’s new immigration law, it was reported that hundreds of school children were withdrawing from or just not returning to school. Why? Because Alabama’s new immigration law requires schools to document and verify each student’s immigration status. In this case, the law effectively establishes a community policing program focused on immigration, similar to other community policing programs already employed in schools and hospitals across the country to identify possible child abuse.

The real reason Gov. Christie won’t run for president

Jun 1, 2011 — Neil Braithwaite

For all those rabid Gov. Chris Christie for president conservatives still holding out hope that their man will change his mind and get in the race, there are some very important facts regarding the honorable governor Christie that their presidential political crush may have caused them to overlook. (Listen up Ann Coulter)

Obama Inherited Bush’s OBL Operation

May 3, 2011 — Neil Braithwaite

Along with everything else President Obama inherited from George W. Bush that he refuses to take responsibility for, he also happened to inherit the strategy and infrastructure put in place by “W” that culminated in the tracking down and killing of Osama Bin Laden.

Embracing the “Extreme”

Apr 27, 2011 — Neil Braithwaite

imageRepublicans have a golden opportunity to turn the political table on Democrats who have labeled them as “extreme,” after Rep. Paul Ryan submitted his budget.

The term extreme has always been a successful political weapon used by Democrats to attack Republicans on everything from social issues to taxes and conservative economic policies.

Trump-ing Obama

Apr 14, 2011 — Neil Braithwaite

If the Republicans are considering running another politician against President Obama, they can expect the same results as 2008 - defeat.

Obama’s True Religion

Aug 22, 2010 — Neil Braithwaite

We all know that a person’s words are one thing, but when those words are backed up with actions, a true picture of that person will always begin to emerge.

Obama to America: Get over 9/11

Aug 16, 2010 — Neil Braithwaite

Supporters of the mosque being built near Ground Zero are saying they stand for religious freedom in America.

Time to call in a specialist

Jul 20, 2010 — Neil Braithwaite reported on President Obama’s weekly radio address this past Saturday saying, “President Obama said the GOP leadership has chosen to “filibuster our recovery and obstruct our progress” by blocking votes on agenda items the president says would breathe life into the economic recovery.”

Hearing President Obama once again blaming the Republicans for a lifeless economic recovery, when he holds all the power in Washington and is calling all the shots, I couldn’t help coming up with the following absurd scenario to highlight how I believe a lot of people probably feel about our president these days:

Barely clinging to life after numerous resuscitation attempts, the gravely ill patient lies helpless on an ER gurney at the mercy of the attending young intern.

Yearning for the ‘brink’

Jul 15, 2010 — Neil Braithwaite

Based on America’s economy today versus where it was eighteen months ago, before Obama “brought it back from the brink” - I prefer the “brink”