Mississippi Senate Race Heads for the Gutter as Cindy Hyde-Smith Tries To Lose a Sure Race

By -- Red State—— Bio and Archives--November 21, 2018

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On November 27, Mississippi holds a run off election to decide who will fill the seat vacated (like it was ever really occupied) by the obviously-out-of-it Thad Cochran. The candidates are barely-unindicted-possible-felon an former Clinton Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy (see this for his near-brushes with a long term in a federal penitentiary) and the woman Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant appointed to fill out the term of Cochran, former state commissioner of agriculture and commerce Cindy Hyde Smith.

In the election on November 6, Hyde-Smith received 41.5% of the vote, Espy got 40.5% and the election went to a run off because Chris McDaniel, who was the subject of a scurrilous negative campaign by McConnell’s NRSC in the 2014 GOP primary, got 16.5% of the vote.—More…



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