In the bloodsport called politics, words have the most fleeting of meanings, while actions have long-lasting consequences.

More Like a Hijacking Than A Democracy, Senator Graham

By —— Bio and Archives--September 29, 2018

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More Like a Hijacking Than A Democracy, Senator Graham
Something truly game-changing happened in the Senate yesterday.  Due process and what millions thought was Rule of Law went out the window with Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, whose hearing was stalled for at least another week.

We’ve reached the perilous stage where anyone with an axe to grind, driven by political, or any other motive,  can destroy anyone’s reputation, family and career with unproven allegations, splashed liberally throughout the media, with the help of elected officials.


How we got there is to go through yet another “he said”/“she said” exercise.

We do know that Friday’s hearing came to a sudden stall when Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, (R-Iowa), agreed to a limited, supplemental background investigation after several undecided senators whose votes are needed to confirm Kavanaugh called for a weeklong FBI probe.

Some would describe it as a Pontius Pilate moment where the several undecided senators are hoping that the FBI will be able to come up with more substantial evidence even though they already came up empty when they investigated Judge Kavanaugh as many as six times before.

Here’s hoping that what went on with what Katie Pavlich calls “Flake’s change in attitude” after Democrats cornered him in the Committee room just ahead of the first vote will be just as thoroughly investigated.

“Senator Jeff Flake has made a motion in Committee to move Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Senate floor for vote, however he is only “comfortable” if there is a delay of one week until the vote takes place. The purpose of the week is to allow the FBI to question the current witnesses.

What witnesses when the last week of hearings proved that there weren’t any?

“Just before the vote, Flake and Democratic senators moved to the anti-chamber and had a discussion. No one at this point knows what kind of deal was struck. ()

“Senator Grassley abruptly called the meeting to a halt using the “two hour” rule of personal privilege.”

“Flake’s change in attitude came after Democrats cornered him in the Committee room just ahead of the first vote. (TownHall)

“Senator Chris Coon (D-DE) cried earlier when he found out his friend, Flake, announced he would vote for Kavanaugh to be confirmed.”

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 11-10 in favor of recommending Kavanaugh on Friday.

Word had circulated that Flake was among the ‘yea’ votes.

How did South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, who had been lionized for taking it to the Democrats by Conservative media, including Fox News only the night before, react to Flake’s call for a one-week delay in the Kavanaugh vote?

“This is called Democracy,” he said. (Fox News)

Not Democracy but more like a hijacking, Sen. Graham.



“You know what you know, and you’ve heard what you’re gonna hear,” Graham said to reporters following the hearing. “But having said that, this is called democracy.”

“Graham said that he believes the American public will feel better about Kavanaugh’s character, should a potential FBI probe yield positive results for the nominee.

“I think people in the country are going to feel differently a week from now,” he said.

“Graham said that in his opinion, “you can have the FBI, the CIA and the Foreign Legion” investigate Kavanaugh and still not find any new information.”

But if that’s really the case, then why do it?

“He added that Flake just wants to make sure the process of confirming the nominee is fair. “(FoxNews)


“I’ve never felt better about [Kavanaugh] being on the bench than I do right now,” Graham said.”

In the bloodsport called politics, words have the most fleeting of meanings, while actions have long-lasting consequences.

“President Trump on Friday ordered the FBI to conduct a “supplemental” investigation into the allegations of sexual assault against Brett Kavanaugh before a final floor vote is held in the Senate on his Supreme Court nomination. (FoxNews)

“I’ve ordered the FBI to conduct a supplemental investigation to update Judge Kavanaugh’s file,” Trump said in a statement. “As the Senate has requested, this update must be limited in scope and completed in less than one week.”

Meanwhile, the masses should prepare themselves for another full week and maybe more of Kavanaugh smearing.

And amidst it all there is still the problem of how to restore Due Process to victims who are dragged through Senate hearings.

As Dr. Jerry Newcombe of Barbwire so aptly puts it: If Accusation Equals Guilt, the Bill of Rights Is Dead.”

But sad as it all seems, all is not lost.

Millions of voters, who are are waiting to cast their votes against Democrats on November 6, will remember what happened a little over a month before.

The clock is ticking towards Midterms and the only thing that can stop millions of voters from getting out to voting polls is complacency, which was wiped totally away by watching this week’s Senate antics.

And as we found out on Nov 8, 2016, the results of voting long outlast smears of even the most hurtful kind.


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