MSM Hype Notwithstanding, Clinton/Obama and Their Resistance Falling Apart & Fighting over the Scraps

MSM Hype Notwithstanding, Clinton/Obama and Their Resistance Falling Apart

By —— Bio and Archives--November 20, 2017

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MSM Hype Notwithstanding, Clinton/Obama and Their Resistance Falling Apart
This holiday season makes for the perfect time to Count Your Blessings.

Best blessing of Thanksgiving 2017 to count first: Hillary Clinton never made it as president.

The caterwauling of that stunning loss continues over a year later.  But Clinton, who acts as if she really won the presidency, is now down to carping at the voting world from the none-too-stable Clinton Foundation, or whatever is left of it.

Clinton will need a lot more than carping to shut down the millions counting their blessings.

Even with a mainstream media working to blackout the corrupt Clinton Foundation and germane details of the Uranium One scandal, both stand as the proverbial House of Cards.

At the rate things are going, Canada is in a position to give its U.S. neighbor and the West the biggest Christmas they ever had.

All Canadian authorities would have to do is to hand over the necessary paperwork because the Clinton Foundation was registered in Canada as a charity.

We already know that “The Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (Canada), a registered charity based in Vancouver, B.C., devoted $737,441 — amounting to 78 per cent of its expenditures — to management and administration in 2014. The amount includes spending on office supplies and expenses, salaries and professional and consulting fees. (Globe and Mail, July 10, 2016)

“That same year, according to the return filed to the Canada Revenue Agency and published online, the organization devoted $205,419 to charitable programs, accounting for 22 per cent of its expenditures.”

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Worse for the Clintons is that foundation expert Charles Ortel is not likely to give up digging around the edges of the Canadian-registered ‘charity’ anytime soon.

Digging for the truth almost always strikes gold when forensics are applied.

Meanwhile Clinton’s caustic digs at her opponent, the president, are getting more childish by day:

“Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took a shot at President Donald Trump while speaking at a Clinton Foundation event on Saturday. (DailyCaller, Nov.18, 2017)

“While speaking about the peace process in Northern Ireland during her husband’s first term, Hillary bragged that Bill Clinton didn’t tweet about challenges facing his presidency.

“He didn’t tweet about it, he got to work about it and he actually got it done,” she said to applause from the audience.

“Twitter was founded in 2006.

“The former first lady made the comment while speaking at an event commemorating the 25th anniversary of Bill’s victory in the 1992 presidential election.”


The event, which took place at the Clinton Foundation’s Clinton Presidential Center, was moderated by former Clinton campaign manager, the yakety-yak James Carville.

The main reason why Bill “didn’t Tweet about challenges to his presidency” is because he was long out of office and mostly irrelevant by the time Twitter got up in running in March of 2006.

Nice try, HRC, but your constant carping doesn’t cut it.

Anyone can send out a carp from Twitter (unless you’re a Conservative blogger),  as proven by Valerie Jarrett when ostensibly throwing Senator Al Franken—a horse already out of the barn— under the bus.



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Yes, folks.  That would be the same Valerie Jarrett who shadow-ran the 8-year-long Obama regime where there was never a single complaint about the sexual harassment of women right in the House!

Sexual harassment among lawmakers so rampant, it cost $17-million taxpayer dollars to settle cases out of court.

The MSM hype doesn’t fool the masses anymore.

Carping Clinton, the once all powerful Jarrett and yakety-yak Carville are among other Democrats forced to sit it out in exile on the sidelines on the results of a Russia-Gate that never happened; for Gloria Allred to circle back from character assassinating Roy Moore to go after President Donald Trump.

The curtain’s about to come crashing down on their well-rehearsed Act with bonanzas on the way.

The facts are that Hillary Clinton is down to carping from her Foundation.  Facts are that Obama could only fill half the venue at his recent Obama Foundation event in Chicago.

The beleaguered Clinton Foundation and the one billion dollar Obama library are the main bunkers for the Anti-FA, BLM and ‘Snowflake’ resistance,  now pathetically down to screaming helplessly at the sky.

Clinton, Obama and their ‘Resistance’, are falling apart and fighting over the scraps, media hype notwithstanding.

Only last night SNL was calling out “Come Back, Barack!” but just like joker Al Franken, SNL’s not getting many laughs these days.

Patriots of America, do not be discouraged, do not give in to despair.  Instead, Count Your Blessings

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