Yes, war is hell, but government without restraint, murder by government can be more hellish than any combat. At least in combat you have a chance. With guns, we are ‘citizens’. Without them, we are ‘subjects’.

Murder By Government

By —— Bio and Archives--October 13, 2015

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Democide:  The murder of unarmed, helpless men, women and children by a government, including genocide, politicide, and mass murder.  This does NOT include combatants killed during times of war.

In all of history, the most prolific mass murderers are not the Jeffrey Dahmers, Jack the Rippers, movie-theater crazies or insane campus shooters.  By far, it is government, much more common than war.

Prior to the 20th century (30 B.C. - 1900AD), murder by government, or democide, accounts for, by the best hypothetical estimates, a conservative 133 million people dead.  That figure includes: China, the Mongols, Iran (Persia), slavery of Africans (1451-1870), India, The Ottoman Empire, Japan, Russia, Aztecs, French Revolution, Spanish Inquisition, etc.


During the 20th century alone, according to hawaii.edu, government killed approximately 262 million people.  Among the culprits:  China, USSR, colonialism, Germany, Japan, Cambodia, Turkey, Vietnam, Uganda, Guatemala, Poland, Pakistan, Yugoslavia, North Korea and Mexico (1900-1920). 

The preeminent miscreant nations are the USSR, 1917-1987 (62 million), China, before and after the communist revolution - 1928-1987 (87 million), Germany, 1933-1945 (21 million)…170 million people murdered!  Most of the dead, by the way, as a result of forcing socialism on their respective countries and only AFTER strict gun control laws and massive gun confiscation was undertaken.  Did you get that, Bernie?

Our founding fathers, knowing history, knew what big government was capable of doing.  They purposely designed our system with checks and balances.  As President Reagan often said, ”Trust, but verify.”  As a by-product of their knowledge and experience, they wrote the 2nd Amendment into the Bill of Rights as a safety net; a last resort, citizen-life-insurance plan, so to speak.

Once and for all, let us understand what the 2nd Amendment is and is not.  It is NOT about hunting.  It is NOT about shooting sports.  The 2nd Amendment is about one thing as a result of two things….self defense from common criminal activity and self-defense from GOVERNMENT as a consequence of being too large, too powerful and/or out of control. 

A president that decides to govern by Executive Order while a Legislative Branch lays dormant should be cause for great concern to every American.  When President Obama engages in self-righteous indignation over our right to self-defense, our right to own guns, I cringe.  He is either ignorant or purposely deceitful.

What has been cultivated in the United States these last fifty years is a dangerously uneducated, ignorant, history-deficient nation, ready to believe any politician’s ramblings

Democide can’t happen here in America?  Understand this and burn it into your memories…Germany in the early twentieth century was an educated, industrial, Western nation.  The masses were mesmerized by a relatively small group called Nazis.  The rest is history. 

What has been cultivated in the United States these last fifty years is a dangerously uneducated, ignorant, history-deficient nation, ready to believe any politician’s ramblings.  When the common man or woman on the street cannot name the Secretary of State, the three branches of the federal government or even their rights as expressed in the Bill of Rights, we are indeed ripe for losing our freedoms while most of us are not looking.

How many check websites such as conservativereview.com to verify that our politician’s promises translate into action?  Only 12% of our senators scored a ‘C’ or better on liberty issues, while only 16% of the House of Representatives scored a ‘C’ or better, and this is AFTER the Republicans promised massive change with a takeover of the Legislative Branch.

When people lose interest in their government, will government lose interest in its people?  When citizens can no longer articulate their rights, will they be willing to defend them? 

Power is a zero-sum game.  If one gains, another loses.  The lesson here is not to be rid of authority, but to have the last word over it…to have limited government as the Constitution intended.  Yes, war is hell, but government without restraint, murder by government, can be more hellish than any combat.  At least in combat you have a chance.  With guns, we are ‘citizens’.  Without them, we are ‘subjects’.


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Ray DiLorenzo is a career pilot having retired after 22 years as a contract fire pilot with the California Department of Forestry (Cal-Fire).  He is presently affiliated with Stand Up America founded by Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely (Ret).

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