My New Year’s resolution is to not add to the division

By -- Sylvia E. Warren—— Bio and Archives--December 20, 2017

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2017 is in the final days.  It has been a difficult year.  Locally we dodged a bullet named Irma, but not without some bruises.  We have seen changes to our once quiet fishing town. We have lost friends, and made some new ones.  We have seen increased traffic and with it more accidents or near accidents. Our winter friends are returning.  We are so glad to see them. We understand their value to our overall quality of life.  Hopefully they understand that we cannot run all things based on “season” because our reality for the other 9 months is entirely different.

Nationally, division seems to be the name of the game out there, old vs. young. white vs. black, annual vs. seasonal, kneelers vs. standers, and so it goes.  My New Year’s resolution is to not add to the division. We can only control ourselves and our responses. I believe that kindness, patience, cheerfulness, graciousness and tolerance will make my heart happier and will set the tone for others.  Won’t you join me? Let’s lead by example.

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Guest Column -- Sylvia E. Warren -- Bio and Archives | Comments

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