Fido and Fluffy are to blame for Global Warming, according to UCLA study

My Yorkie, Yankee Sees Al Gore As Just Another Tree

By —— Bio and Archives--August 4, 2017

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First it was the cows of the fields being blamed for global warming/climate change by the more-bovine-than-them environmental activists.

The United Nations targeted belching and gas-passing cattle as the world’s biggest source of ruining the environment. Their methane, the UN loudly lamented, gave them the biggest global warming footprint of them all.

There’s just “got to be a way” for government bureaucrats to legislate restrictions on household pets

Now, according to a recently released UCLA study, it’s Fido and Fluffy who are to blame.

There’s just “got to be a way” for government bureaucrats to legislate restrictions on household pets—the one thing in turbulent times keeping public morale up.

Move over PETA, it’s time for PPMSG (Protecting Pets from methane-sniffing Governments).
“When it comes to global warming, Fido and Fluffy are part of the problem, a new study by UCLA indicates. (Patch Staff, Aug. 3, 2017)

“Most cat or dog lovers would say they can’t imagine living in a world without pets, but as the threat of global warming increases, environmentally conscious pet lovers may need to make some tough choices, according to the study.”

We don’t know about UCLA profs, but we do know for sure that it would suit the Marxist Progressive agenda if the masses could somehow be separated from their beloved pets.

It’s not so far a stretch when they’re already taking children away from their parents; dictating how and where parents can say goodbye to dying toddlers.

The jury’s no longer out on what household pets are supposedly doing to the environment:

“Pet ownership in the United States creates about 64 million tons of carbon dioxide a year, UCLA researchers found. That’s the equivalent of driving 13.6 million cars for a year.” (Patch)

It’s okay for Hollywood ‘environmentalists’ like Leonardo DiCaprio and his ilk to zoom in by jet to attend Save-the-Environment get togethers, but not for puppies and kitties to get by on meat-based food:

“The problem lies with the meat-filled diets of kitties and pooches, according to the study by UCLA geography professor Gregory Okin. (Patch)

“Dogs and cats are responsible for 25 to 30 percent of the impacts of meat production in the United States, said Okin. Compared to a plant-based diet, meat production “requires more energy, land and water and has greater environmental consequences in terms of erosion, pesticides and waste,” the study found.”

We’d all feed our dogs and cats on Mother Earth’s plant-based gardens, but Peter Rabbit got there first.


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We’d all feed our dogs and cats on Mother Earth’s plant-based gardens, but Peter Rabbit got there first

“And what goes in, must come out. In terms of waste, Okin noted, feeding pets also leads to about 5.1 million tons of feces every year, roughly equivalent to the total trash production of Massachusetts.(Patch)

“Given the significant environmental impact of meat production, the contributions of our omnivorous and carnivorous pets deserve special attention,” according to Okin’s study, published in the journal PLOS ONE. “The U.S. has the largest population of pet dogs and cats globally, with an estimated 77.8 million dogs and 85.6 million cats in 2015.”

“While previous studies have examined the impact of pet ownership on carbon use, water quality, disease and wildlife, Okin’s study delved into its impact on total U.S. energy and meat consumption and the environmental impact of that consumption.

“This analysis does not mean to imply that dog and cat ownership should be curtailed for environmental reasons, but neither should we view it as an unalloyed good,” Okin wrote in the study.”

Message: stop loving your pets. Own up on their behalf to the 64 million tons of carbon dioxide a year they’re dumping on earth, so that we can continue on with our man-made global warming scare mongering.


“It is clear that a transition to pets that eat less meat, and therefore have less environmental impact, would reduce the overall U.S. consumption of meat.” (Patch)

The eating of meat is verboten to everyone other than steak-preferring politicians who can afford it.

Even Al Gore was a steak eater until PETA ordered an end to it.

“Okin’s report notes the social and emotional benefits of owning dogs and cats, insisting the study is intended to increase the awareness of the impact such pets have on the nation’s meat-production industry and its environmental effects.” (Patch)

We plebes call it dog, cat and animal loving.

“Additional research is needed to evaluate the animal content and human-edibility of ingredients in dog and cat food after processing, but the calculations presented here indicate that these pets comprise a significant proportion of U.S. energy and animal-derived product consumption, with the consequent environmental impacts, including greenhouse gas emission and feces production,” he wrote.(Patch)

“Okin noted that the pet food industry has made advancements in manufacturing, product design and alternative protein sources, but more can be done.



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“Simple measures like feeding domestic dogs and cats nutritionally appropriate amounts will certainly reduce their environmental and energetic impact, Okin wrote. “However, without large-scale reduction in their number and changes to the food system that drastically reduces the per-capita animal product consumption, the environmental and energetic impact of these animals will remain significant.”

Yankee Boy, keeps me sane in the ‘Impeach Donald Trump Obsession’ of the hate-spewing progressives in exile

Like so many other pets, my little Yorkie, Yankee Boy, keeps me sane in the ‘Impeach Donald Trump Obsession’ of the hate-spewing progressives in exile.

You can depend on it, without the expense of any more studies, Professor Okin that delightful little Yorkies have a much smaller global footprint than hypocrite Al Gore, whose Tennessee mansion guzzles more electricity in one year than the average American family uses in 21 years.

Yorkie Yankee Boy, who likely has a much higher IQ than the former Vice President, sees Al as just another tree.

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