Nat’l Black Farmers Assoc President: Forgive Governor Northam, impeach Trump

By -- HotAir—— Bio and Archives--February 11, 2019

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I saw an interview on CNN Saturday that interested me because of the interviewee and the subject of Virginia Governor Northam’s current woes in office due to alleged racism from his medical school days. This wasn’t one of the countless politicians weighing in with their hot takes about Governor Northam’s yearbook picture. It was John W. Boyd, Jr., the founder, and president of the National Black Farmers Association. He met with Northam and encouraged him to remain in office. Boyd chalks the political crisis up to Northam making a mistake and upon getting caught, apologized. Boyd’s all about redemption, he says.

Ok, I thought. That’s admirable enough. Northam reached out to Boyd and met with him at the Governor’s Mansion Friday. They prayed together. CNN’s anchor Victor Blackwell asked Boyd if his decision to turn the other cheek and accept Governor Northam’s apology was a decision borne out of political reality. That is a perfectly legitimate question. The governor is a Democrat, as are the two next in line who are also facing their own political nightmares. Then, according to the line of succession, the next person that would be Governor, should Northam resign or be impeached is a Republican. Well, well, well. Wouldn’t that be a kick in the pants, especially since the 2020 census is coming up and redistricting will be on the state legislature’s agenda? As he denied such a straight out political agenda and called for political unity, he also launched into an attack on President Trump and Rep.Steve King (R-IA). —More…



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