Iran seems to be advancing its goals of controlling the region – and eliminating Israel

Negotiations or just Dictates?

By —— Bio and Archives--February 6, 2014

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Can there be any doubt any more that the the current US administration, the EU, the UN (with its “Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People”), the PA and Iran are now all working hand in hand and increasingly hard to weaken Israel, while re-strengthening Iran, just as the world’s anti-Semites have always wished would happen?


Can there be any doubt any more that the prospect of this was the main reason why the Iranians as well as Kerry and Ashton were all so very happy when they concluded – or only announced – their nuclear appeasement deal in Geneva in November, in which, according to Iranian officials, none of Iran’s “rights” were given up, while the West eased its sanctions regime significantly and probably irreversibly?

After having – thanks to the support of Mr Obama and Mr Kerry and their European allies – precociously received back from Israeli prisons many dozens of anti-Semitic murderers and having duly celebrated these “heroes”, a PA official, Jibril Rajoub, has just openly encouraged Iran, which he considers a “part of the Arab and Islamic front in the Middle East” (guess against whom), to “play a role in ‘managing the conflict in the region.’” He sees the US as “backtracking in the face of Iran,” which according to the PA racket member “shows that the Americans have reached the conclusion that they can no longer view the world through an Israeli perspective and interest.” Which may be true, as they even seem not to be able to view it through an American perspective and interest any more.

So Iran seems to be advancing its goals of controlling the region – and eliminating Israel. But the US, in the meantime, is not retreating from all fronts either. On one front, it is becoming even much more assertive.

As Caroline Glick noted in a recent Jerusalem Post column of hers, shortly before Rajoub’s statements, in his remarks at the World Economic Forum in Davos, US Secretary of State John Kerry told Israel, “Nice economy you got there Israel. It’d be a real shame if anything happened to it.”

Of course he did not say that directly. Verbatim, according to Glick, Kerry said:

“Israel’s economic juggernaut is a wonder to behold…. But a deteriorating security environment and the growing isolation that could come with it could put that prosperity at risk.”
While Catherine Ashton recently played the more evenhanded, good cop by promising that “The dividends of peace for Israelis and Palestinians are enormous,” Kerry, at the time, seems to have started playing the bad cop, even trying to offend Israelis by suggesting they are violating their faith (by worshiping a “juggernaut”), while, just slightly under the surface, nourishing the anti-Semitic creed that Jews are only interested in money.

Caroline Glick warned:

With their threat of demographic ruin losing its traction with the public, purveyors of the twostate plan now raise the threat of economic strangulation and ruin at every opportunity.
They understand that given the public’s refusal to be drawn into their fantasies about “peace dividends,” the only path before them is a mix of intimidation and political subversion. They hope that together these two tactics can force Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to submit to Kerry’s dictates for Israeli territorial surrenders.

Regarding political subversion, last week Eli Lake at the Daily Beast reported that the Obama administration is appealing to retired Israeli security brass to lobby the public against the government, in support of Kerry’s plan for Israel to surrender the Jordan Valley to the PLO.

According to senior defense sources, administration lobbying is not limited to retired generals.

The US is also recruiting currently serving IDF commanders to work on behalf of Kerry’s plan.

The idea is to rally a large enough cadre of security brass in favor of surrendering the Jordan Valley to undermine the authority of [Israeli PM] Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, who has rejected Kerry’s plan.

Beyond frightening the general public, the economic threats are geared toward subverting the economic leadership of the country.

Kerry is waiting for Netanyahu to agree to his framework. Until he does, Kerry, his allies and agents will escalate their threats and subversion.

Glick warned of it, and indeed Kerry seems already to be doing it, for instance through a planned “almost religious sermon” from Kerry to the Israeli people –without any “intention of ‘going over the head’ of the government in Jerusalem,” of course. For did Kerry and Obama perhaps ever “go over the head” of other governments, e. g. over that of Iran? Not that much, really. Iran may perhaps not be increasing its stocks of nuclear material that much for the time being, but it may indeed continue its work on ballistic missiles and other technology necessary to deliver atomic bombs on Israel!

The last time the “international community” (except for the Russians) was in such a harmony was in its campaigns against the Serbs, and that was also under a leftist islamophilic US administration. And Iran was in the Islamic terrorism business for a “solution” of both the Bosnian and the Kosovo conflict too; in the latter it fought on the side of the KLA, the Kosovo Liberation Army, even before NATO then feigned to try to “solve” the conflict by an “agreement”, which was in fact an even more arrogant “copy” of an historic Austrian dictate to the Serbs to which the Serbs could not bow without surrendering their sovereignty.

The first dictate was a ruse by which the Austrians (and the Germans) intentionally triggered the First World War. By the latter one, a massive global jihad was initiated, supported by Western military force, a global jihad without which 9/11 (and the “second intifada”) would perhaps never have happened. The first main victims of it were the Serbs, who are still bleeding from that battle and its aftermath of “ethnic cleansing”. Then, too, some invented peoples (first “the Muslims” of Bosnia, then “the Kosovars”, meaning the Albanian Muslims living in Kosovo, while the Serbs, Jews, Gypsies, and others who were living in Kosovo then were of course not “Kosovars” and therefore to be perceived as more or less non-indigenous “settlers”) were assigned the role of the victims of systematic violence to be defended (although often even Albanians were the victims of violence perpetrated by the separatists). Then, too, “the West” tried to deprive the enemy people of their historic heartland.

Then, along with the the terrorist army of the “victims”, it succeeded.


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