Ralph Raschen

Ralph Raschen is a freelance translator and author, who has published short stories, satire, and political analyses (languages: Italian, German, and English). He holds a degree in Social sciences. He blogs at freshlemons.bendetto.com.

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Federica Mogherini and Freedom of speech

Jan 19, 2015 — Ralph Raschen

Let’s not say any more that Muslims are victims of terrorism too. The EU foreign policy head Federica Mogherini shows that by this you only give her another tool for lying with the truth.

Negotiations or just Dictates?

Feb 6, 2014 — Ralph Raschen

Can there be any doubt any more that the the current US administration, the EU, the UN (with its “Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People”), the PA and Iran are now all working hand in hand and increasingly hard to weaken Israel, while re-strengthening Iran, just as the world’s anti-Semites have always wished would happen?