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Net neutrality ends today

By -- Engadget—— Bio and Archives--June 11, 2018

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The FCC’s decision to overturn Obama-era net neutrality protections goes into effect today, giving internet service providers leeway to block, throttle and prioritize websites and content. While we may not see the direct effects of this decision immediately, it is, in no uncertain terms, a massively important change that stands to alter the internet as we know and experience it.

Along with allowing ISPs to more deeply affect what content you see and the speed with which you can access it, the new rules also shift oversight away from the FCC and over to the FTC. Under Chairman Tom Wheeler, the FCC classified broadband internet as a Title II service, putting it in line with utilities like telephone service and electricity. But in December, the FCC switched broadband back to a Title I classification, giving the FTC some of the regulatory authority the FCC previously had over ISPs and negating the legal authority the FCC had to ban practices like blocking, throttling and paid prioritization. Chairman Ajit Pai has said the previous setup was “heavy-handed” and that this newer “light touch” approach will spur more investment and innovation.—More….



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