Ever since being elected president, Obama’s style has been one of neutralizing and neutering

Neutralize Obama’s Hijacking of the Internet

By —— Bio and Archives--February 23, 2015

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Barack Obama is knocking all little people in civil society off the Information Highway—but leaving the coast clear for all Islamic terrorists.

Average citizens who depend on the Internet to get their message out will be ‘regulated’ off beginning three days from now, but ISIS which recruits new members from off the ‘Net will continue to send its threats and gruesome YouTubes online.

In fact, when all regulations from Obama’s 332-page book of ‘Net Neutrality’ are in place, only governments and terrorists will be free to blog and post.

Obama calls his takeover of the public’s most reliable means of communication, “Net Neutrality”.  But in reality,  it’s an overnight Hijacking of the common man’s Information Highway.

“Quickly and quietly”, high-handed Barack Obama and the Democrats are working on hijacking the Information Highway. (Canada Free Press, Feb. 12, 2015)

“Big Government takeover of the Internet will become a fait accompli by February 26, 2015, with a Federal Communications Commission (FCC ) vote.  By the time the public becomes aware of it, the Internet will already belong to Obama.

“Suffering in silence with no means of communication to others is exactly what Obama wants on his mission for his ever-expanding ‘Fundamental Transformation of the Free West’.”

In fact, after Feb. 26, stories such as this one will never be able to find their way to you.

“This is a massive power grab and government at its worst,”  FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai told talk show host Mark Levin last week.

FCC members like Pai have been ordered to stay mum on the 332-page Obama plan that changes forever the average Joe’s access to the Worldwide Net.

“If I get in trouble, so be it,” Pai told Levin.

“Community organizers running governments always hide their dirty tricks behind innocuous sounding names.  ObamaCare was first the Affordable Health Care Act.  Hijacking the Information Highway sounds so much less lethal when it’s introduced to the masses as ‘Net Neutrality’. (CFP)

“The Federal Elections Commission (FEC) getting to regulate every word by popular major news outlets like Drudge is only one side of the government grab.

“Not everybody who tweets, blogs or shares their views on social media is a potential enemy of the state.  Millions use the ‘Net to keep in touch with loved ones stationed at lonely military posts; to stay up to date with children living on college campuses away from home and for keeping distant grandparents in the family loop.

“Obama’s takeover of the Internet will keep families from reaching out online to loved ones by making internet access unaffordable to them.

Pai warns,  “First, the claim that President Obama’s plan to regulate the Internet does not include rate regulation is flat-out false.”

You never did get to keep the doctor you liked, or the health care insurance you chose. 

You can apply the same outcome for your internet server.

Ever since being elected president, Obama’s style has been one of neutralizing and neutering. 

‘Neutralizing’ is the polite description Obama counts on the mainstream media to get across to the public at large on his patent refusal to identify Islamic terrorism for what it is.

‘Neutralize’ is what Marxist Obama has tried to do to all resisters to his destructive policies.

‘Neutralization’ is the ultimate state he intends for all Christians, TEA Party members, constitution lovers, second amendment advocates after they’ve been thoroughly smeared as bible thumpers, domestic terrorists, bigots and racists by his friends in the mainstream media.

‘Neutering’ is what Obama is now trying to do to legions of civilians who depend on the Internet as their main means of communication. This kind of neutering, in effect, ‘neuters’ the typing fingers of all Internet users.

Forget NSA, the FBI the CIA, and all warnings sent by Edward Snowden.  They’ve got nothing on how Net Neutrality will silence you

Some day in the near future when you type in the words “Islamic terrorists” in an Internet post, you will be knocked off the Net and find it all but impossible to climb back on again.

Forget NSA, the FBI the CIA, and all warnings sent by Edward Snowden.  They’ve got nothing on how Net Neutrality will silence you.

Inundate your senators, congressmen and representatives with messages demanding to keep Internet access free to the masses.

Out-twitter and out-Facebook ISIS.  The public at large, who outnumber the terrorists, should find this an easy mission.

Fight Obama’s dangerous Net Neutrality with every ounce of energy you have.

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