"The appointment of Dr. Frank Dimant as the inaugural CEO of CUFI Canada is a testament to his vast knowledge and expertise of Israel and the Mideast region as a whole

New CEO of CUFI Canada, Dr. Frank Dimant, Welcomed by Pastor John Hagee

By —— Bio and Archives--January 26, 2015

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San Antonio, Texas – Christians United For Israel (CUFI) Canada is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Frank Dimant as the organization’s first ever Chief Executive Officer. While at the CUFI Leadership Summit in Texas, Pastor John Hagee joined Dr. Charles McVety in welcoming Frank Dimant to his newest advocacy position during these very critical times.


Dr. Dimant, a leading advocate for grassroots Canadian Jewry and world-renowned authority, strategist, and analyst on issues ranging from Israel advocacy, antisemitism, and human rights; has been promoted from Chair of the Modern Israel Studies Department at Canada Christian College to tenured Dean of the Department. CUFI CANADA will be operating under the auspices of the Department.

“With over 36 years of leadership experience as the former CEO of B’nai Brith Canada, the Canadian Jewish community’s foremost human rights agency, Dr. Dimant is poised to forge even stronger ties between Israel and Canada, to vigorously confront radical Islam, and steadfastly fight antisemitism, anti-Christian hatred, racism, and xenophobia,” said Dr. Charles McVety, President of Canada Christian College, National Chair of CUFI Canada, and Canada’s leading Evangelical spokesperson.

“The appointment of Dr. Frank Dimant as the inaugural CEO of CUFI Canada is a testament to his vast knowledge and expertise of Israel and the Mideast region as a whole. Dr. Dimant is a highly respected leader with a wealth of first-hand experience and insight into the Diaspora Jewish community and its relationship to the Jewish State, along with having fostered interfaith dialogue between Christian and Jewish communities.”

Operating under the aegis of the department, CUFI CANADA, which until recently has worked mostly behind the scenes, with 95,000 supporters but in light of world developments will now play a much more public role in galvanizing support for Israel in all spheres of communal, political, and public life.

“Today Jews and Christians must stand together to confront the Islamist terrorists and their allies. The challenge is great but we dare not be complacent. We must mobilize the activists to ensure that it will not be said that we were silent when our enemies mobilized their forces against the Judaeo-Christian values in Canada” said Frank Dimant.

With supporters found in all Federal and Provincial ridings throughout Canada, on behalf of its constituents, CUFI Canada congratulates Dr. Dimant on his appointment and wishes him well and godspeed in his continued efforts.


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