"People don't kill people. TRUCKS kill people!"

New York City Terrorism Attack: My Crazy Response To Stupid

By —— Bio and Archives--November 1, 2017

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New York City Terrorism Attack: My Crazy Response To Stupid
America is starting to ‘go global’ - in a new way.

The terrorism of Paris, London, Berlin ... It’s no longer “over there”. The Lame Stream Media has been working overtime trying to find ways not to broadcast the antics of extremist Islam. To date, it’s been the chore of ‘right wing’ grassroots ‘fake news’ agencies to spread such fanaticism. Now the Big Six is going to have to step up and do some honest reporting - because this junk is right here in our own front yard. The Big Apple is cleaning up bodies left behind by its very own ‘allahu ackbar!’ screaming nut-job from Uzbekistan. And now maybe, finally, America may begin to take a closer look at the denial foisted upon us by oligarchical, wannabe, racist dictators like Barack Obama and that crew.

“People don’t kill people. TRUCKS kill people!”

When I saw the mess that happened yesterday in the normally, comparatively serene autumn New York City afternoon, my first response was: “How long will Trump and the rest of those damn conservatives refuse to put stricter controls on Home Depot truck rentals?!” (And then I remembered! “People don’t kill people. TRUCKS kill people!”)

I was, however, refreshed and encouraged that Mayor Bill De Blasio recognized that what happened was indeed an act of “tare”. And, that being the case, his already having thumbed his nose at Donald Trump’s ‘travel ban’ should verily strengthen the sanctity and goodwill of his own adamantly, self-declared sanctuary city. Now maybe he can see some of what he is giving sanctuary to. Further, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo absolutely agreed with CNN’s roving reporter Brynn Gingras that this was New York’s worst terrorist action since 9/11. Wow. I feel a lot safer, knowing all that has been established. They are truly in control. 
And, speaking of Donald Trump’s ‘travel ban’ and his insistent, racist hyper-vetting of Islamist immigrants, he needs to take his xenophobic, Islamophobic and fascist attitudes toward Islamic immigrants and shove them. Anyone who knows anything about religions knows that there is no difference between Muslims and garden-variety Methodists or Episcopalians. But don’t take my word for it, ask an expert like Pope Francis. He will tell you that Islam is monotheistic just like Judaism or Christianity, for crying out loud. And, when people like the Pope, Obama and the Clintons tell us that we should be building bridges rather than walls, well, that settles it. Right?

And as far as the Islamic perpetrator of yesterday’s incident in NYC, Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, we should further take great comfort in knowing that his sort of zealous Islamic beliefs account for only 11-15% of Islamic immigrants flooding into our country. That should of course be compared to the same percentage of Catholics and Baptists who have - in the name of Jesus - been bombing airports and shopping centers, and driving trucks into crowds of people, wholesale, (and tossing gays off the tops of buildings) around the world for the past several decades. For Trump and the alt-right to be hurling accusations of ‘dangerous extremism’ toward the immigrants from Islamic nations is downright Hitlerian.

If only we’d had a fair election and Hillary was in office, we would have had a million more of Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov’s dear Islamic brethren enjoying our nation’s prosperity with him. I guess we’ll just have to wait till 2020 to fulfill that dream.

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