Many folk will remember they worried about Donald Trump and Ted Cruz as president and vice president!

Nightmare scenario: Bernie Sanders as Hillary’s vice president

By —— Bio and Archives--April 7, 2016

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If Bernie Sanders—or any other socialist/marxist/communist—had the gall to make a run for president in the Cold War generation, there would have been open revolution on the streets.

Up against Hillary Clinton for Democrat presidential nomination,  reprobate Sanders has zero chance of getting the nod.  But if Hillary is sworn in as U.S. president, with Sanders as her vice president, what can be done to stop her?

The lib-left media continue to portray Clinton and Sanders as real duking it out opponents. They’re not.  Sanders is the hand-picked foil sent in by the Democrats to make it appear as if Clinton has honest competition for what can be more honestly described as her inevitable Democrat coronation.

Mainstream media-presented as a dueling duo for nomination,  Sanders is Clinton’s personal straw-man, the one she gets to kick about like a deflated football whenever the occasion calls for it.

Hillary wouldn’t do that, would she?  Make an out and out socialist vice president of the leader of the Free World USA?

Why not?  From leaving four Americans—some of whom pleaded for help to deliberate death—in Benghazi, blaming their deaths on an obscure anti-Muslim YouTube;  to putting America’s security at risk through emails sent out and received in a bathroom server,  and all that went before, she’s done most everything else.

‘Progressives’  work perfectly well with Socialists, Marxists, and Communists.  That’s because , in the long run, they’re one and the same.  Hillary, Sanders, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the gang have long hidden behind the term ‘progressive’ to dupe civilian voters.  They are PINO (Progressives in Name Only), the top of the line movers and shakers of the far left once having gained public office.

It all came about in the most devious of fashions.

They all had to be more careful back in the days when the masses saw them as just lousy, feather-bedding politicians, who, when caught in the act, could always be booted out of office come next election.

But once the millennial generation indoctrinated at school that it’s not only okay—but even preferable—to be a progressive socialist/marxist/ /communist, the Democrats got a no-turning-back, open field day.

Progressives always sell themselves to the electorate as the avant-garde intelligentsia of the day.  They seize the moral high ground and lecture down from on high to the unwashed masses. With their pictures ever flashing before us courtesy of today’s Google-led technology,  they come across as   the ones who care—really care—about women, children and minorities—a stream of minorities of which there seems to be no natural end.

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The most outstanding tell-tale characteristic of the progressives is how they seek to justify—everything, the wanton murder of millions of babes in the womb; Islamic terrorism, the latter, which like the progressives, can remain hidden by never being named; the open persecution of Christians by making the rights of their oppressors more worth protecting; pushing as truth the lie that global warming/climate change is a bigger threat to humanity than Islamic terrorism.  Progressives advocate for transgender bathrooms, removing the privacy and decency of single sex lavatories that could always be counted on; brand civilians who don’t want to be over-run by unvetted refugees as Islamophobes;  set murderers and rapists free from prison and force criminals on landlords as tenants, and on and on.

Frighteningly enough, the never-ending crazed policies of the progressives, which seek a Utopia that does not exist, are only beginning.

Progressives find fertile ground in populations who second guess themselves justifying this and that.

The 2016 presidential race is happening at a time when the serfs of progressives have been left treading water in the deep end of the swimming pool.

We must all realize that there can no longer be any peace and security in a country whose armed forces have been dwindled down to bare bones status.

There would be no way other than voting Republican to stop Hillary Clinton from making Bernie Sanders her veep.

And just to think after it happens that many folk will remember they worried about Donald Trump and Ted Cruz as president and vice president!


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