If park personnel arrest the World War II heroes, Washington politicians will have to go into hiding

No Government Shutdown will ever keep War Vets from their Memorial

By —— Bio and Archives--October 2, 2013

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In a society so treacherous that many now go about their daily business asking “Where are the good guys?”, comes a timely reminder that the World War II heroes aka ‘The Good Guys’ are still very much here.

Some 35,000 veterans are scheduled to visit the national memorial in Washington, D.C. this month,  and as the ones who visited yesterday proved, no silly Government Shutdown could ever stop them.

Many now in their 90s, the World War II vets, who have more gonads than any lily-livered politician, swept through the government-planted barricades to get to their Memorial yesterday, the first day of the so-called shutdown.

Politicians prove themselves by promises and rhetoric, World War II vets by an already proven action in battle.

For defending freedom so the rest of us could live, the War Memorial is all the vets,  many of them who returned from war having to fight for their pensions, ever got.

The all-expense paid trip, which will bring 900 of the heroic vets to Washington in the next five days alone, is called an “Honor Flight”. 

If NBC affiliate NorthwestOhio.com got it right,  World War II vets on the Honor Flight of Northwest Ohio scheduled to depart from Toledo one week today will be arrested if they make their way to their War Memorial.

If park personnel arrest the World War II heroes,  Washington politicians will have to go into hiding.

When Honor Flight of Northwest of Ohio President Lee Armstrong called the parks service, he was told they would face arrest. (NorthwestOhio.com, October 1, 2013).

99% of veterans on Honor Flights, who have waited a lifetime, have never had the opportunity to see the memorial that is dedicated to their service.

The government’s shutdown, staged to make it appear that one party doesn’t want people to have access to health care, will have to be put on hold, one week from today and for the rest of the month of October if it includes vets seeing the Washington War Memorial.

And through it all, patriotic hearts will be cheering their loudest.

Perhaps power hounds Senator Harry Reid and President Barack Obama are unaware of something already proven: heroic war vets never stand down.

Just a year and a half before Obama won the presidency, an unforgettable ‘‘Oorah Chapter’ of War Vets flooding Washington D.C. to defend their war memorial was written in indelible ink.

Still carried in the hearts of anyone there, the ‘Oorah Chapter’ took place on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 2007, coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the Mother of all anti-war protests, when a decades-ago massive march to the Pentagon demanded an end to the war in Vietnam, and was also being marked as the 4th anniversary of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Incredibly,  anti-war activists in Code Pink and ANSWER, with the traitorous Jane Fonda at their head, threatened to desecrate Washington war memorials during their march.

The last time anti-war activists had converged on Washington, they broke through a Capitol Hill security cordon, spray-painted the Capitol grounds, desecrated the Lone Sailor statue that stands watch at the U.S. Navy Memorial, and reportedly spat at disabled Iraq-war veteran Josh Sparling as he voiced his support for his fellow troops.

Calling it the “Mother of all Protests”, Jane Fonda, along with Cindy Sheehan and Ramsey Clark were to lead the biggest anti-war protest of all time—desecrating war memorials on their way to the Pentagon.

The Fonda-Sheehan-Clark contingent was on a roll.  Their buds the Dems controlled Congress.  Anti-American sentiment flourished around the globe.  Anti-war activists continued to tarnish the image of American troops as one of protectors to that of war mongers.

Fonda and her comrades in arms planned to begin their well-touted-by mainstream-media march at the Vietnam Wall.

“...Fifty-eight thousand names cried out in protest and America heard the call of her fallen,” wrote Kit Jarrell in Euphoric Reality.  Gathering of Eagles will be there on the 17th “to deliver a message to the flower children, 40 years overdue.”

Small Town America took a stand, standing shoulder to shoulder with veterans from groups like the Gathering of Eagles, the Nam Knights, Rolling Thunder, the POW/MIA, and veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

A Move America Forward (MAF), caravan bringing thousands of flags, homemade and store bought,  left San Francisco for Washington. “Patient school children, holding homemade flags waited curbside for the caravan to pass by.  Veterans wearing medals, school choirs sounding like singing angels and Americans from all walks of life left their kitchens and offices to be there when the MAF caravan was passing through Small Town America.  By Texas, enthused crowds were so large, a police escort led the caravan along its way.(Canada Free Press March 17, 2007)

March 17, 2007 dawned as a bitterly cold, windswept day.  But what happened in the writing of the Oorah Chapter of veterans against anti-war activists will never be forgotten.

“Ragtag by nature, Gathering of Eagles’ membership includes the wounded, both walking and in wheelchairs, the gratefully and proudly aging and the living-with-the-memory-of-lost-loved ones, brokenhearted.  Some lie awake nights worrying about loved ones still in harm’s way, but the one human emotion missing from Gathering of Eagle members is disillusion.  All because if there was any chance the touted anti-war protesters were going to desecrate war memorials, then the Gathering of Eagle members were going to be there—no matter from how far away they had to come, no matter in what shape March 17 was going to find them.”

Facing off on one side of the road against much younger activists, the veterans in Gathering of Eagles solidly stood their ground.

“One thing for anti-war protesters to hint at desecrating war memorials.  One thing for a mainstream media to remain silent when soldiers were spat upon.  Quite another to meet from the narrow distance of right across the road, the steely-eyed glint of the veterans of real wars.

Jane Fonda was a no show.  It was the day that big-talking Hollywood celebrities left Cindy Sheehan out in the cold on her own.

In the end, the war vets, many of them with wounds still visible, not only stood their ground but by sheer virtue of their courage, sent the activists away from their own Mother of All protests.

As the event played out, not all of the teared over eyes in the faces in the crowd were the result of whipping Washington winds.

History was made with March 17, 2007, at long last totally eclipsing March 17 1967, as the day when soldiers in faraway Afghanistan and Iraq could know for certain, no matter what real time saw them doing, love and respect await their safe return.  The day when it was proven to a watching world that Washington war memorials stand for what they always stood for, time immemorial; the day when the graves of fallen American soldiers were made warmer.

No government shutdown can change that.

New wave of WWII veterans move barricades to access DC memorial

A new wave of veterans were forced to move barricades at the WWII Memorial in Washington Wednesday morning to gain access during the government slimdown, a spokeswoman from Sen. Jerry Moran, R-Kan., told FoxNews.com.

The WWII veterans, from Ohio, Kansas and Missouri, arrived at the memorial one day after another group relied on the assistance from elected officials to move the barricades to allow access. Parks police did not prevent the first group from entering, nor did they interfere with Wednesday’s group.


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