Happy Independence Day, America, better days are coming in November Midterms

No Happy Birthday America From the Obamas

By —— Bio and Archives--July 4, 2018

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No Happy Birthday America From the Obamas
Searching for the Obamas’ ‘Happy July 4th’ message on the ‘Net today.  None exist as of this writing.

Nothing on their Twitter or Facebook accounts.

It would cost them nothing to post: “Happy Birthday America!”

Both Obamas would have had nothing were it not for the United States of America.


Barry and Mich, likely keeping a low profile on America’s 242st birthday, obviously feel no gratitude for either the country that heaped so many blessings and riches upon them, or for the millions who first voted them in to power, then paid their expensive freight for their eight long years in the White House.

As First Lady, the overbearing Michelle was never voted in, but certainly came in with the tide.

Obama, whose main claim to fame was insulting America and its inhabitants, left the Oval Office as a fabulously rich man, scoring a $65 million-plus book deal in which he can co-write a book with wife Michelle at his leisure.

‘Be grateful for what you have’ is a maxim that seems not to matter to this former president. 

As the self-appointed Leader of Resistance and master mind of ongoing Street Protests, including the one where protesters “howled at he moon”, it’s harder than ever imagining Obama thanking the Almighty for his blessings and charmed life that allows him to pretend he’s still in power when he’s clearly not.

As ordinary Americans celebrate July 4, 2018 with a national display of Old Glory, parades, patriotic music, barbecues and fireworks, social media led by Facebook has banned the music videos of patriots Lloyd Marcus, Wes Cook band , and a Nashville Christian musician among others.  Even the words of the immortal Declaration of Independence have on this independence Day been Facebook banned.

For a good dose of the kind of surrealistic ‘reality’ of our era, Google the Twitter Page of President Donald Trump to see how Twitter advertises in its ‘Follow’ section, the Twitter accounts of President Barack Obama and CNN—openly and flagrantly right on Trump’s Twitter page.

You read that right: Twitter is advertising on President Trump’s account both a fake president and a fake television network.

Sadly, the lack of respect for the country they were elected to serve is not Comrade Obama’s alone, though he may be the worst of the still-at-it charlatans.

Back in 2013 all living presidents sat on a raised podium during the official launching of the George W. Bush Presidential Library.  None of them, looked anything close to presidential.  This is what they were doing while the U.S. Army Choir sang the iconic ‘Battle Hymn of the Republic’:

“Less than one month ago, five living presidents and their wives sat on a Dallas, Texas podium listening to the US Army chorus sing the iconic ‘Battle Hymn of the Republic’ during the launch of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum.  President Barack Obama yakked away to Barbara Bush during much of the five-minute-12-second rendition. Standing off to the far left of the podium, Michelle Obama wore her trademark scowl.  Hillary preened from behind her husband’s shoulder.  Not a single one of the American hierarchy noted the deliberate decline of America under Obama’s promised transformation of what has long been the greatest nation on Earth.” (Canada Free Press, May 9, 2013)


Talk about lack of dignity and decorum in viewable action!

Obama is often heard repeating the line,  “This is not who we are” when trying to get his political point across during the delivery of public speeches.

This video shows this is who the current and living presidents were back in in 2013.

This is who they were in April, 2013 This is who they still are today!

The best thing about July 4th, 2018 is that it is being celebrated with Obama and his protégé Hillary Clinton mercifully OUT OF OFFICE—no matter how hard they pretend otherwise.

Happy Independence Day, America, better days are coming in November Midterms.


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