Obama hates America and capitalist society; doesn’t loathe Putin as much as he envies him. Totalitarianism is where Obama plans to take the US and the Free World

No longer ‘Fundamental Transformation of America’ but the Free World

By —— Bio and Archives--September 12, 2013

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He’s no longer solely America’s biggest headache.

It’s now Obama’s ‘Fundamental Transformation of the 
Free World’,  and for anyone awake, it can be watched being played out day by day.


The unquenchable ego of President Barack Hussein Obama is rebuilding the Russian bear and destabilizing the entire Free World.

With 13 questionable US government YouTubes showing that chemical attacks did take place on August 21 in Syria—with no proof who was responsible for them—Obama, who was trying to advance World War III—merely stumbled back into his own trap.  And that’s only if he’s not part of the Putin act.

Last night’s address to the nation proved a walk back on the ‘Highly propagandized America Attack on Syria’. Russian president Vladimir Putin came out of this one like a John Wayne movie hero.  But unfortunately it won’t end there.

One day after Obama’s putting-Syria-attack-on-ice televised address to a captive nation,  we get to hear how Putin is now arming Iran.

“Russian President Vladimir Putin will offer to supply Iran S-300 air defence missile systems as well as build a second reactor at the Bushehr nuclear plant, the Kommersant business daily reported Wednesday. (AFP, Sept. 11, 2013)

“Putin will renew an old offer to supply Iran with five of the sophisticated ground-to-air missile systems at a meeting with Iranian President Hassan Rowhani on Friday, Kommersant said, quoting a source close to the Kremlin.

“Putin is set to meet Rowhani at a summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation held in Kyrgyzstan on Friday.”

How’s that for advancing the kind of world peace touted by the Russia and China-controlled United Nations Security Council?

“Russia in 2007 signed a contract to deliver five of the advanced ground-to-air weapons—which can take out aircraft or guided missiles—to Iran at a cost of $800 million.(AFP)

“In 2010, then-president Dmitry Medvedev cancelled the contract after coming under strong US and Israeli pressure not to go ahead with the sale of the weapons system, drawing vehement protests from Tehran.

“The source told Kommersant that Russia’s offer would depend on Iran’s withdrawing a $4 billion lawsuit that it has lodged at an international court in Geneva against Russia’s arms export agency.”

So Putin the hero makes a successful demand for Syria to hand over their chemical weapons while at the same time arming Iran.

Sounds just like Obama who’s not the only ‘world leader’ stirring the steaming witches’ cauldron of rotten apples.

He’s only a Western leader who left the stage door open for Vladimir Putin to come into the limelight as a John Wayne.

Conveniently left out of the script written during the Syria crisis is that former KGB agent Putin leads a country that is still in all but name a Communist one.

Obama only hates America and capitalist society; doesn’t loathe Putin as much as he envies him. Totalitarianism is where Obama plans to take the US and the Free World along with it.

Obama is more like Putin than he would admit.  Both have proven to be treacherous when it comes to their own people; both are masters at consistent media manipulation; both currently masquerade as Christians.

But the deceitful Syria chapter as written by Obama is only the latest move on the global elite’s chess board.

Unfortunately, what happens in Washington doesn’t always stay in Washington.

With no resistance at all from anyone; with the media giving him a pass, and Republicans ducking duty, there’s nothing standing in Obama’s way.

The slings and arrows about his weak and indecisive leadership won’t stop Obama emerging from a shelved American attack on Syria virtually unscathed.

The far more crucial point being missed is that Obama is stealthily moving on from the ‘Fundamental Transformation of America’ to the ‘Fundamental Transformation of the Free World.’

The best reason why liberty and freedom advocates across the globe should rise up in support of courageous American patriots who have been fighting to save their country for the interminably long past five years.


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