Meanwhile, there will be no world peace, no peace in the valley as long as the anti-Trump media join the protesting progressive-left in trying to hound the American President out of office

No Peace for President Trump on Armistice Day

By —— Bio and Archives--November 11, 2018

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No Peace for President Trump on Armistice Day
Armistice Day ceremonies in Paris, France were supposed to celebrate peace, commemorating the100 year anniversary of the end of World War1,  instead the media war against President Donald Trump continued during the Armistice memorial.

Most news networks—including even the weather channels—bitterly criticized President Trump for canceling his visit to a US cemetery in France because of bad weather.


‘Clouds with Drizzling Rain Prevented “Marine One” From Flying Trump To U.S. cemetery near Paris’ (David Cenciotti, TheAvationist, Nov. 11, 2018.)

Inclement weather preventing safe travel in a chopper, like everything else, is Donald Trump’s fault.

“On Saturday Nov. 10, 2018, President Trump was scheduled to travel to Belleau Wood, 55 miles northeast of Paris, as part of the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI. (The Aviationist)

“Belleau Wood is where the US troops had their breakthrough battle by stopping a German push for Paris shortly after entering the war in 1917.

“The battle of Belleau Wood proved America’s mettle to allies and foes alike, and by the time the war ended U.S. forces were at least an equal to any of the other major armies, which were exhausted and depleted. The Aisne-Marne American Cemetery at Belleau contains the graves of 2,289 servicemen and commemorates 1,060 others who fell at Belleau Wood,” Metro reported.

“Although it had been planned for months, the trip was canceled because, according to the White House, bad weather “grounded” his helicopter, “considered ill-equipped to make the short journey because of the clouds and drizzle”.

“The cancellation drew much criticism: someone said the VH-3 and VH-60 flown by the U.S. Marine Corps HMX-1 (Marine Helicopter Squadron One) should be able to fly in rain and moderate bad weather; others say the president should have had a back-up plan that foresaw a different way to travel to Aisne-Marne regardless of the weather.”

Perhaps the ravenous mainstream media think that they should be the ones who decide when flying in risky weather is safe and not the Secret Service.

Interesting to note there was no media criticism when all 70 world leaders did not make it to the memorial on time for the Minute of Silence on the 11th hour of the 11th day, having been held up along the way.

The Women’s March,  members of which claimed they would be in Paris for an anti-Trump protest got nowhere near this morning’s ceremonies.

Meanwhile, there will be no world peace, no peace in the valley as long as the anti-Trump media join the protesting progressive-left in trying to hound the American President out of office.

Via the Guardian

Seventy world leaders are gathering in Paris
Seventy world leaders are gathering in Paris, where they have walked side by side to commemorate the war in a somber, rain-soaked line as bells finished tolling.

Arriving a few minutes late and in some cases struggling with umbrellas in the wind, they missed the exact moment to commemorate the armistice however. Fighter jets passed overhead as the leaders walked to the Arc de Triomphe




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