It's high time to Tweet Twitter out of civil society. The only way to do so is to send what Twitter is doing to babies and cops viral by contacting all of those on your contact lists

No protection for Babies or Cops in Twitter Land

By —— Bio and Archives--March 7, 2018

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No protection for Babies or Cops in Twitter Land
Pathologically hypocritical Twitter executives see fit to warn users about pictures of unborn babies as “potentially sensitive media”, but allow free range to ex-professor cop hater Michael Isaacson, who calls the 18 officers killed thus far in 2018: “pig death stats”.

Squeamish about baby-in-the-womb pictures posted online by Conservative writers and pro-life advocates, Twitter undertakes to be squeamish on behalf of their users with click-through warning messages.


Twitter considers conservative writer Devin Sena’s tweeted picture of a healthy unborn baby with the caption “This is a human”, “sensitive material” that requires a user heads-up message.

“Sensitive material” is an ironic term for Twitter in consideration of the freedom it affords to the insensitive-to-babies-in-the-womb Planned Parenthood which uses the Twitter platform with no forewarnings of any kind.

The caption for Sena’s picture, “This is a human” runs counter to Planned Parenthood who would insist “This is a fetus”.

You can imagine the uproar had Shea captioned the photo with the description preferred by millions for this particular baby and all other ones: “This is a gift from God”.

Hard to believe that millennials, who hold down most of the jobs at Twitter, were once babies whose mothers chose to birth rather than abort them.

“Upon review, we have determined that the media is potentially sensitive and have labeled it accordingly. There will now be a click-through warning message over the media for users whose accounts are set so they are informed before viewing media that may be sensitive,” Twitter said in an email to Sena that was reviewed by The Daily Caller News Foundation. (Daily Caller, March 6, 2018)

“The email warned that all of Sena’s future tweets could be permanently suppressed in a similar manner if he didn’t self-censor in the future.”

If any one needs to self-censor, it is progressive-loving tech giant Twitter

If any one needs to self-censor, it is progressive-loving tech giant Twitter.

DailyCaller.com‘s headline, ‘Twitter Keeps Censoring Pro-Lifers’ is a tragedy of our time.

Sena is just the latest truth teller to get censor threats from Twitter.

“Pro-life group Live Action cried foul¬†in 2017 after Twitter demanded it delete pro-life images, such as fetal ultrasounds, from its Twitter feed and website before allowing the group to run advertisements. Live Action refused the request. (Daily Caller)

“Another pro-life group, the Susan B. Anthony List, was barred in October from running a video advertisement, because it used the phrase “killing babies” to refer to abortion. “No advertiser is permitted to use the phrase ‘killing babies,’” Twitter told the group.”

Imagine the heartache of cop widows or their other loved ones coming across—without warning—cop-hating Twitter Star Michael Isaacson.

Not only does Isaacson get away with calling 18 officers killed thus far in 2018: “pig death stats”, he continues to be allowed to spew his hate-filled rants on the Internet, courtesy of social tech giant Twitter.


“My favorite thing about pig death stats is how they just lump all deaths on duty together whether they’re killed or just have a heart attack from all the donuts,” read a tweet from @ve_unblockedt, one of two known accounts for Michael Isaacson. The tweet was posted the same day a police commander was shot and killed in downtown Chicago, making him the 11th officer to be killed by gunfire across the country this year. (FoxNews, Feb. 16, 2018)

“Isaacson, who has used the hashtag #abolishpolice, most recently taught at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, one of the nation’s highest-profile schools for students planning careers in law enforcement.

“Isaacson, whose employment at John Jay ended last year, with no official announcement, on Tuesday also tweeted he had no second thoughts about the “future dead cops” tweet that sparked the original controversy. On the page, titled “antifascist superbowl champions,” he said: “Yeah i don’t regret my future dead cops tweet at all at all.”

Neither, apparently, does Twitter.

Take it as your Twitter warning that Isaacson’s tweets will be back after Missouri police officer, Christopher Ryan Morton, 30, was killed and two other officers were wounded Tuesday night while responding to a 911 call after a shooter opened fire from inside a home—leaving more than 18 officers to have died in the line of the duty since the start of 2018. (Fox News, Mar. 7, 2018)

“The suspected shooter, who was not identified, opened fire from inside the home while the officers attempted to apprehend the individual. Morton was fatally shot, while the two other officers, who were not identified, were wounded and taken to the hospital.”

Twitter slams the door on tweeted pictures presenting babies as “human beings” but leaves the door open for Planned Parenthood and blowhard cop haters.

It’s high time to Tweet Twitter out of civil society. The only way to do so is to send what Twitter is doing to babies and cops viral by contacting all of those on your contact lists.

Start defanging and de-twittering Twitter today.


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