North Korea is speeding its nuclear program

By -- Carolyn M. Brown —— Bio and Archives--April 26, 2017

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With the news that North Korea is speeding its nuclear program and the concerns expressed by the Trump administration, the American people face a tough choice. Do we believe the intelligence reports and experts? We have a long history of being fed half truths or downright lies in order to get our support for actions taken. However, if true, then the United States cannot in good conscience allow Kim Jong-un’s plans to continue.



One might think that there is an agency set in place to assist with obtaining the facts. But another lesson learned the hard way is that the United Nations is quite ineffective. Now, we are also told that North Korea has developed the weapons but not the delivery system, the rockets. That would seem to be true if you look at the failed launches coming from North Korea. But, little Kim is crafty and I have to wonder, isn’t an effective rocket easier to build than a nuclear weapon? So could Kim be holding out on us?

No doubt, any preemptive strike carries dangers and heavy responsibility. But it could be argued that the same it true of continued dithering. I pray for our President as he makes these decisions.

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