Brace yourselves, deplorables for a MSM-created preacher who is a cross somewhere between Elmer Gantry and the America-cursing Rev. Jeremiah Wright with a little Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan thrown in for good measure.

Obama Goes From Sulking to Skulking

By —— Bio and Archives--May 25, 2017

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German chancellor Angela Merkel and the trash tabloid headlines supermarket shoppers read while waiting to cash out have much in common: Both are unwilling to let former President Barack Obama go and live in a fantasy world where he’s still president.

“Obama will deliver a speech alongside German chancellor Angela Merkel at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate. The Obama Foundation says the invitation from Merkel came before the US election, so the fact that he is in Europe as the same time as Trump is pure coincidence.” (The Guardian, May 24, 2017)

Madam Merkel, too must have been suckered by mainstream media polls indicating that Hillary Clinton’s election as president was inevitable.

Coincidence, incidentally is always convenient but never “pure”.

Lib-left newspapers like the British Telegraph now know what all Europeans are thinking, in this case “wistful in anticipation” for Obama’s longed-for return as U.S. president.

“Europeans are already wistful in anticipation. Pictures of Obama on holiday in Tuscany with his wife, Michelle – relaxed and smiling in an open-buttoned shirt – have only heightened the sense of longing for a president whose rationality, sophistication and emotional intelligence often contrast with his successor. (The Guardian)

“Looking relaxed and smiling in an open-buttoned shirt” is an accomplishment?!

“Regarding Obama’s Berlin visit, the highpoint of a season of celebrations to mark the 500th anniversary of the Protestant church, the Leipziger Zeitung wrote that his presence in Germany would be like that of a “healer”. (Guardian)

Say what?!

In his post presidency it seems that ‘Messiah” Obama has become both a “pastor” and “healer”, albeit fabulously rich, capitalist-like ones to boot.

And for any of those who dare to believe that Trump’s European debut was historic, the mainstream media is there to remind them that A “Pew Research Center survey last June found 77% of Europeans had confidence in Obama – and 9% in the man who has now succeeded him”.

Notice how Obama is identified in the above paragraph by his name and Trump as “the man who has now succeeded him”?

Even identifying President Trump by name is an impossibility for the MSM.

President Trump made his first Middle East trip this week—just as Obama returned to the continent for his first visit since departing the White House in January.

But according to the MSM it’s both merely a coincidence and an opportune time to heap insults on America’s 45th—a case for a split screen to showcase a buffoon up against the Dear Leader of the Hillary Clinton conspired RESISTANCE.

Continued below...

According to Germany’s Leipziger Zeitung newspaper, Obama, the community organizer activist out there fomenting for revolution now that Clinton’s defeat has denied him a third term in office,  is now a preacher.

“Already he is a painfully missed ex-president,” the newspaper wrote in an editorial, describing him as an “eloquent, charismatic preacher” – qualities it suggested were sorely lacking in Trump.” (Guardian)

Brace yourselves, deplorables for a MSM-created preacher who is a cross somewhere between Elmer Gantry and the America-cursing Rev. Jeremiah Wright with a little Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan thrown in for good measure.

Hedonist Obama’s no preacher but only a most loyal disciple of the late Marxist-crazed Saul Alinsky;  a political dog in the manger who defiantly refuses to accept the electorate’s choice made perfectly clear on Nov. 8, 2016.

The man who morphed from president to pastor doesn’t get it that the party’s over (in more ways than one), the lights were dimmed, the entertainers no longer on stage, the taxpayer-paid-for wagyu steak all eaten up.

Meanwhile you won’t read or hear about it in the MSM, but the unvarnished truth is that Barack Hussein Obama has gone from sulking to stalking duly-elected President Donald Trump, whether it’s from a rented mansion up the street from the White House or in Europe, where he gets by with a little help from friends like Angela Merkel.

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