Forced propaganda through children's’ books will always be an abysmal failure

Obama no match for Liberty the ‘Talking Horse’

By —— Bio and Archives--November 24, 2013

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In 1995, a book written by a little known community organizer was released.  Dreams From My Father  is a ‘Fairytale for Adults’, many of whom swallowed it hook, line and sinker.


In 2013, a book written by Jane Sutcliffe, entitled Barack Obama,  making the claim that white Americans are racists, made it to required reading status at Bluffview Elementary School in Dupo, Ill. The book Barack Obama is a ‘Fairytale for Children’, many of whose imaginations are occupied elsewhere.

That’s because the actual timing of Sutcliffe’s Barack Obama as a Grade 4 must-read is way off.

Children in the Grade 4 age group—thousands of them—were already enrapt on imaginary but captive ‘time travel’ with Rush Revere and talking horse, Liberty.

Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims: Time-travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans is not only Number 7 on the Best Seller’s List for all of 2013,  it skyrocketed to Number One on Amazon a month before its release.

Public education bureaucrats, who gave history a backseat for the advance of propaganda, assume children do not want to be proud of their own country—and they assume wrong. 

“EAGNews notes that the Obama book is part of Scholastic’s “Reading Counts” program and an acceptable title under the Common Core State Standards Initiative, which attempts to standardize various K-12 curricula around the country. (dailycaller.com, Nov. 22, 2013).

“The book continually identifies Obama on a first-name basis.  It bizarrely blames the evils of television for learning ways “to be black” that are hilariously caricatured, stereotypical and negative.

When Barry looked in the mirror, he saw a young black man.  But he didn’t know how to be black.  And no one was there to teach him.

He decided to act like the black characters he saw on TV.  He started acting tough.  He cursed.  Was that what it meant to be black?

As he got older, he started smoking and drinking.  He tried drugs.  Was that what it meant to be black?

The author herself, incidentally will never know what it’s like to be black as she is a white woman.

Children will never look into a mirror and see the negative unless they are indoctrinated.  That’s not the way loving parents and responsible teachers raise and educate them.

“The Obama biography goes on to charge that white Americans did not want to vote for Obama because of his skin color.  However, it neatly explains, America’s 44th president was able to bring everybody together in blissful unity.

“But some people said Americans weren’t ready for that much change.  Sure Barack was a nice fellow, they said.  But white voters would never vote for a black president.  Other angry voices were raised.  Barack’s former pastor called the country a failure.  God would damn the United States for mistreating its black citizens, he said.

“The book then recounts Obama’s March 2008 speech about race: ‘Barack decided it was time to speak to Americans about race,’ the next paragraph pedantically explains. ‘Black people and white people were too often angry with one another.  All people were going to have to work together to solve the country’s problems.  Only in that way could Americans make a more perfect United States.’”

There can be little doubt that more adults, including Oprah Winfrey, read Sutcliffe’s book.

Sutcliffe’s book is proof positive that trying to force propaganda on children would be akin to forcing them to swallow cod liver oil.

As for the timing of Barack Obama, it’s difficult to force ‘required reading’ on children in the classroom when their imaginations are already held captive by Rush Revere and Liberty taking them through what its author describes as: “the miraculous story, the blessings of God and any number of other things that led to the founding of this country.”

Forced propaganda through children’s’ books will always be an abysmal failure.  Children, whose imaginations are fed by the creative and the positive, recognize propaganda when they see it.

If a children’s popularity poll were to be taken today, Liberty, the Talking Horse,  would win hands down over Barack Obama.


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