Analytics is how Obama and his Google-taught number crunchers intend to take back the presidency

Obama Now Data Mining President Trump’s Voter Base

By —— Bio and Archives--February 28, 2018

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Obama Now Data Mining President Trump’s Voter Base
Up for grabs in 2018 Midterms: the voter base of President Donald Trump, about to be confiscated by analytics savvy Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the fighting-their-way-back-from-exile Democrats.

‘Analytics’ is the tekkie word for VOTER TARGETING, and history proves that voter targeting always works.

Analytics, aka voter targeting, is exactly how Obama captured the 2012 election.  The Obama campaign team was able to access massive data, which in turn allowed them to identify the vote, transmit to voters the messages they wanted to hear. 

Analytics is how Obama and his Google-taught number crunchers intend to take back the presidency.

The world seems blissfully unaware of what Obama is really up to

What we’re seeing on the surface most effectively hides the dirty little secret of how elections are won.
The theory that Obama is gone and is no longer a threat, or that he can do no harm in his post-election, self-ascribed role as ‘Resistance Leader’ makes him even more dangerous than when he was president.

The world seems blissfully unaware of what Obama is really up to.

Demanding secrecy and getting it from MIT on Friday is proof positive that Obama has thrown himself 100 percent into his new role as ‘Resistance Leader’ of not just America but an unsuspecting West.

Kudos to Reason for releasing the audio of what Obama said at MIT’s Sloan Sports Analytics Conference on Friday.

Obama’s cover should be blown wherever he shows up.

“Former President Barack Obama spoke for an hour to an audience of hundreds of people at a major sports policy conference at MIT, but his remarks were off-the-record and kept completely secret by virtually all attendees, who had to agree that they would not record, photograph, tweet, or report on the event before being granted a seat in the audience. Reason obtained a recording of the speech, however, and the most newsworthy thing about it is the simple fact that the public wasn’t supposed to hear it. (Reason, Feb. 26, 2018)

“In his remarks, Obama expressed concern that Americans have segregated themselves into two “entirely different realities” where not just opinions but basic facts are in dispute, claimed to have left office without a major “embarrassing” scandal, and proved that he really loves basketball.

“Those were some of the highlights from his talk at MIT’s Sloan Sports Analytics Conference on Friday. The event, attended by hundreds of sports industry professionals, journalists, and students, was cloaked in secrecy. Having listened to the entire thing, I’m not sure what all the secrecy was about—it was pretty standard Obama fare, and he never once said the word Trump, though Obama did seem to imply that his White House was remarkably drama-free in contrast.”

Obama also called out social media giants Google and Facebook to be aware that “public good” should be as big a part of their platform as commercial enterprise.

Obama thinks Google, Facebook, etc., are “a public good as well as a commercial enterprise,” and should consider whether they are corroding our democracy.” (Reason)

Hard to believe that Google and Facebook have been Obama’s digital partners since as far back as shortly after his 2008 election.

“Obama described social media platforms as a “hugely powerful potential force for good,” but then immediately hedged. “What’s also true is that our social media platforms are just a tool,” he said. “ISIS can use that tool.  (Reason)

“Neo-Nazis can use that tool. I do think the large platforms—Google and Facebook being the most obvious, Twitter and others as well, are part of that ecosystem—have to have a conversation about their business model that recognizes they are a public good as well as a commercial enterprise.

“They’re not just an invisible platform, they’re shaping our culture in powerful ways.”

“Much of that shaping is bad, according to Obama. “Essentially we now have entirely different realities that are being created with not just different opinions, but now different facts,” he said. “And this isn’t just by the way Russian inspired bots and fake news. This is Fox News vs. The New York Times editorial page. If you look at these different sources of information, they do not describe the same thing. In some cases, they don’t even talk about the same thing. And so it is very difficult to figure out how democracy works over the long term in those circumstances.”

“Obama noted that in other countries—like China—the government simply decides which viewpoints can be aired in public, but “that’s not who we are, and that’s not the society I want to live in.” Even so, media giants like Facebook and Google should keep in mind that the U.S. government has a role to play in ensuring there are “basic rules of the road in place that create level playing fields.”


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In the end what Obama is now saying is ‘Even if you like your President, you STILL can’t keep him.’

What Obama didn’t say was much more telling.  It isn’t just ISIS and neo-Nazis who use social media as a tool, but Obama who uses them to perfection.

You can bet the last nickels and dimes in your piggybank that Obama was insincere when he reminded social media giants Google and Facebook that “public good” should be as much a part of their platform as commercial enterprise.

And Obama’s contention that there was no White House drama or embarrassing scandal during his 8-year tenure, racial discord, socialized medicine, his arrogant and flagrantly boasted Fundamental Transformation of America notwithstanding, simply beggars belief.

For his Friday MIT address, he was wiping away his footprints in the snow, availing himself of the opportunity of getting ahead of the curve behind society’s back.

Doubters of Obama’s continuing Sneaky Pete attacks on America will be quick to ask, How can Obama be manipulating voter targeting for inevitable election victories when he publicly criticized Google and Facebook, I mean, wasn’t what he said the equivalent of him throwing the social media leaders under the bus?

In the end what Obama is now saying is ‘Even if you like your President, you STILL can’t keep him.’

If unsuspecting members of the public at large can see their way through the multiple smokescreens sent up by Dems, all the way from Black Lives Matter, Antifa, the #MeToo Movement among others, they can find indisputable proof of how Obama managed to pull off his 2012 election.


Romney campaign officials were mostly flying without instruments on Election Day

Back in 2012, Mitt Romney’s campaign team thought they could outgun President Barack Obama’s team in the Democrats’ area of strength—voter targeting.

Problem is they thought they they had discovered Orca, when Obama and Company already owned the whale.

“Mitt Romney’s campaign boasted for the past two weeks that it would outgun President Barack Obama’s team in the Democrats’ area of strength — voter-targeting. It would use a state-of-the-art system called ORCA, named for the killer whale, that cost substantial resources to build over months. (Politico, Nov. 9, 2012)

“Instead, Romney campaign officials were mostly flying without instruments on Election Day.

“Numerous Republicans in and around the Romney campaign called the ORCA platform a total bust, stranding thousands of volunteers without a way of reporting data back to headquarters and leaving Romney central command without a clear view of developments on the ground.

The system was not shared with officials outside a small group in Boston and was kept largely a secret until the immediate lead-up to Election Day. The system was beta-tested on its own but not within technical infrastructure of the Boston TD Garden, where the Romney campaign’s massive War Room was set up. That accounted for a number of the problems, officials conceded, even as they protested to POLITICO the depth of the Election Day meltdown.”


Continued below...

‘Every Breath You Take, Every Keystroke You Make’, I’ll Be Watching You’

Most worrisome for all those who want to keep their President is that the Trump team might be overlooking the most dangerous area of attack—the most effective one for winning elections of them all: voter targeting.

Since election night 2016 and even before the focus has been on “the Russians stole the election” and more recently on “Obama spied on Trump”.

But Obama, who used analytics for his 2012 win is focused on how to manipulate Trump’s loyal voter base, those who can be manipulated without even their knowing it in order to unseat the president.

President Trump it’s not the song, ‘The Snake’ you should be singing, or even the one that says ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’.

With apologies to Police, It’s the one that goes, ‘Every Breath You Take, Every Keystroke You Make’, I’ll Be Watching You’  that matters most.

Obama, the fox is already in your henhouse, Mr. President.

Your team has no choice but to root him out of there.

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