Looks like the Fairytale Fatwa Obama masquerades as the truth is only the latest Marxist strategy

Obama Resurrects his 'Fairytale Fatwa'

By —— Bio and Archives--March 22, 2015

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This week isn’t the first time that President Barack Obama would have us believe the Fairytale Fatwa that Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has issued a fatwa against the development of nuclear weapons.


“Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has issued a fatwa against the development of nuclear weapons, and President Rouhani has said that Iran would never develop a nuclear weapon,” Obama said. (CNSNews.com, March 21, 2015)

“Other administration officials—including Secretary of State John Kerry and Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes—have previously referred to the ayatollah’s reported fatwa in the context of the ongoing nuclear negotiations with Iran.”

“Both Obama and Clinton have made reference to the nuclear fatwa. Obama sent a verbal message to Iran’s supreme leader earlier this year that acknowledged it, and Clinton mentioned it earlier this month. (National Public Radio, June 14, 2012).

“They have also made it clear in many statements,” Clinton said, “most recently in the fatwa that was issued by the supreme leader that they don’t seek nuclear weapons, that they have no such program.”

“Obama made his observation about the supreme leader’s fatwa in a video statement to the Iranian people about his and First Lady Michelle Obama’s observation of the Iranian new year’s holiday of “Nowruz.” The video was posted on the White House website with Farsi subtitles.” (CNSNews)

So Obama has been dragging out the nuclear weapons Fairytale Fatwa since at least 2012 and it resurfaces at the same time he makes his annual Nowruz statement:

“To everyone celebrating Nowruz—across the United States and in countries around the world—Nowruz Mubarak.” “For thousands of years, this has been a time to gather with family and friends and welcome a new spring and a new year. Last week, my wife Michelle helped mark Nowruz here at the White House.” (CNSNews)

So much for President Barack Obama’s ‘Fairytale Fatwa’.

As far as is known the nuclear fatwa isn’t written down anywhere. The esteemed Middle East Media Research Institute MEMRI does not include it in the hundreds of fatwas issued to date. The ‘Fairytale Fatwa’ is only written in Obama’s head.

Nuclear bombs could sprout alongside the pansies down the garden path which Obama is trying to lead the unsuspecting West.

Obama leaves the impression that the Khamenei nuclear weapons fatwa is recent news.

“The first time Khamenei proclaimed that nuclear weapons were un-Islamic was in 2003. He has repeated this numerous times since them, notes Muhammad Sahimi, who writes for the website Tehran Bureau. (NPR)

“Khamenei has been consistently saying at least for the past seven or eight years that the production of nuclear weapons is against Islamic teaching and therefore Iran will never pursue such a path,” Sahimi says.”

One day after Obama resurrected the Ayatollah’s fatwa against nuclear weapons development last week, bloodthirsty Iranians were shouting “Death to America” in Tehran and Khamenei stated he agreed with the chant-shouting crowd.

Obama has been the Supreme Leader of Iran’s most useful idiot to date.

As Cliff Kincaid reported two years ago, “President Obama told the United Nations General Assembly on September 24 that “...the Supreme Leader [of Iran] has issued a fatwa against the development of nuclear weapons, and President Rouhani has just recently reiterated that the Islamic Republic will never develop a nuclear weapon.” A fatwa is supposed to be an authoritative religious edict, and sounds like a guarantee that the Iran regime has ruled out nuclear weapons.” (Canada Free Press, Oct. 1, 2013)

“But the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) says, “In fact, such a fatwa was never issued by Supreme Leader Khamenei and does not exist; neither the Iranian regime nor anybody else can present it.” MEMRI Founder and President Yigal Carmon told FoxNews.com, “There is no such fatwa. It is a lie from the Iranians, a deception, and it is tragic that President Obama has endorsed it.”

“As such, Obama’s claim appears to be part of the “propaganda, hype and disinformation” from the regime that former Ambassador John Bolton refers to in his Monday column in The Wall Street Journal.

“It is shocking that, with the future of the Middle East at stake, Obama would accept and promote a claim that is highly questionable, and base his policy of engagement with Iran on what may be a blatant lie.

“During the Reagan years, there was a concerted effort to expose and challenge Soviet disinformation and propaganda activities, such as the claim that AIDS originated in a Pentagon laboratory. Under Obama, it seems that questionable claims made by foreign regimes are accepted, rather than rebuffed, and made into the basis of nuclear weapons policy. In this case, as we documented, the alleged source of the fatwa, Iran’s Supreme religious leader, Ali Khamenei, is likely a Russian agent trained by the old Soviet KGB. He may know a lot about how to conduct disinformation and propaganda activities against the West.”

Meanwhile, looks like the Fairytale Fatwa Obama masquerades as the truth is only the latest Marxist strategy to get people to believe that the current Ayatollah and all ayatollahs ever after, have been and will be, converted to good guy status by terrorist defender Barack Obama.


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