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And, finally, I especially thank God that I won't have to do a similar painting of Hillary

Obama: Shown For What He Is

By —— Bio and Archives--March 6, 2017

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Editor’s Note: Long before Barack Hussein Obama got to hole himself up in a luxurious kind of Shadow Government with wife, Michelle and consigliere Valerie Jarrett in a “ Nerve centre”  mansion within walking distance of a White House he never quite left, renowned portrait painter David Merrick (Dave Merrick: A Painter of Life) had already framed him in an iconic picture that would never go away.  A “wordless chronicle of simple TRUTH”, the picture showing Obama for what he really is, kept the hope of saving America alive in millions of hearts at home and abroad.  Canada Free Press is proud to have been the first news outlet to write about ‘The President Who Tore Up The Constitution’  picture before Dave Merrick became one of our own as a regular columnist.  The shadow-boxing Mr. O may be community organizing to “force” President Donald Trump out of office, but can never hide the evil eyed renegade he truly is!)

This is nothing like any of the commentary you are used to seeing from me. But, now that Obama is gone (though he is never gone), I can take a moment to relate a little side story that you may also find interesting.

In 2011, about six months before the reelection of America’s first black president and worst president of any color, I was determined to create a ‘commentary’ that would reach the hearts and minds of millions of viewers in just a glance. My mission was to do whatever I could to try to help avoid another four years of Barack Obama. I knew that words couldn’t speak or travel fast enough for this effort. And with November closing in fast, there was no time to waste. I laid aside my pen, and picked up my pencil, paints and brushes.

Another gift God has given me is an artistic talent. Though I have never had any formal training, I have been painting portraits professionally since a serious illness forced me to discover that I could do that better than most. And while the pen is mightier than the sword, a single PICTURE can be worth a thousand words.

I sat down at my board and began sketching the under-drawing of what had recently sprung into my mind - as a painting. I saw how Barack was gleefully ruining our United States by simply fulfilling the dreams of his America-hating, third-world-mentality, communist father. The two strongest symbols of America, to real Americans, are the Constitution and our mighty flag. I knew that I had to somehow impress upon anyone who cared, the fact that our Manchurian president was destroying the strength and respect of both.

As you can see for yourself in what I ultimately created (and several millions have seen it), the vision I was conveying is a wordless chronicling of simple TRUTH: I painted a smug, cocky and cavalier (evil eyed) Barack Obama craftily destroying one of the greatest masterpieces ever produced from the hearts and minds of Godly men - our Constitution. And behind him is the hallowed banner of our freedom - IN FLAMES.

In brief, this is what I wanted to express ...

The tear in the Constitution speaks for itself, and says many things on a personal level to all Americans who truly revere that precious, blessed instrument. The burning flag represents the reawakened racist cancer (which had shown signs of healing, prior to his appearance) that he and his wife have fanned into a roaring fire. And in the lower left-hand corner, I was careful to paint the logo of the reason behind all the destruction - that horrible “O”. Purportedly its creators meant it to represent Obama as the rising ‘sun of hope’ over America. To our narcissistic president and his supporters it is simply more swelling homage to himself.

In the original painting I gave Obama a set of devilish horns. But I later Photoshopped a version without the horns because I didn’t want a religious statement confusing my dire warning to our languishing nation. The crowning word, “Forward,” was also added electronically but was never part of the original painting.

This image I entitled “The Price Of Change” has steadily appeared in countless online journals, magazines, blogs and e­mails throughout the world. It’s quite probable that some of my dear readers have seen this work in heading some of the articles you’ve read or in simply cruising the Internet.

I first released the image by just sending it to my comparatively small list of e-mail friends, family and a few of the magazines and sites I thought might want to use it. I figured that if it had any merit, it would take off and fly on its own. And, if not, it should be left to die in the same manner. I asked no money for its usage - not even an acknowledgment of the artist. I just told everyone that if they liked it, they could have at it.

Continued below...

Sure enough! I was delighted to see that so MANY venues obviously agreed with its message! LOTS of commentators and organizations began using it in heading several articles. In some parts of the country it was even blown up and displayed on signs roadside. And almost instantly it was popping up in the UK, Europe, Russia, China and the Middle East. Within two weeks of its getting out, I couldn’t name a continent or country in which it hadn’t appeared!

I am very proud to note that Alex Jones’ Infowars was one of the earliest to pick it up. And it appeared on that site’s early homepage, off and on, for several days. The online journal that I now call home, Canada Free Press, was the first to do a feature story on the art, though at that time I hadn’t written anything for them.

I was surprised (but not that surprised) that eventually even the Iranian government has used it for their own reasons. But of course they have implemented their own twisted version of it in once more informing their people how evil the United States is - and what a raw deal they got in the nuke agreement that Obama and Kerry paid them so much of our money to accept. And on one version they even dubbed in the burning Star of David to further express their hatred for Israel. In that context, Barack Obama I’m sure is seen as the hero of the image.

The venomous Farsi commentaries the Iranians included on my artwork abundantly document the fact that we still haven’t managed to buy their friendship. (Thank you so much, Barack and John, et al., for that stupid, costly, deadly fiasco you have left for us and Israel -  the end of which I’m sure we haven’t seen.)

The painting is out there now, and will be forever jammed into posterity and cyberspace. I am GLAD that it will help in succinctly lighting our former president down through history as our worst president who nearly destroyed a 240-year-old America. And it will always, at a glance, sum up the regime of the man who prepared the groundwork for the governmental mess and civil upheaval in which we now find ourselves (from which we have yet to escape).

Of course I could say a lot more (and you know I’m capable of that). But at the end of it all, I am greatly, most encouraged by these few things:

It at least helped to try to do the job for which it was intended.

It further clarified my opinion of his presidency.

It documents that Obama at least now has some gray hair to show (which wasn’t there four years ago) for the grief he caused us.

And, finally, I especially thank God that I won’t have to do a similar painting of Hillary.

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Dave Merrick, Davemerrick.us is an internationally known and published artist whose works reach into the greatest diversity of audiences. Known primarily for his astoundingly lifelike portraiture, Merrick’s drawings and paintings grace the walls of an impressive array of well-known corporate and private clientele. Many of his published wildlife pieces have become some of America’s most popular animal imagery.

He has more original work in the Pro-Rodeo Hall of Fame than any other artist. His wildlife and Southwestern-theme work is distributed internationally through Joan Cawley Galleries of Scottsdale AZ.

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