‘Barrier Burwell’ is walking proof that the Obama regime will slap a smiley face on anything

Obama taps woman who denied access to war vets from memorial for ObamaCare

By —— Bio and Archives--April 15, 2014

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It seems that the woman who denied war vets access to their Memorial is the same one who will get to deny them their health care.


But don’t worry the mainstream media reminds us Sylvia has a smiling face.

Health and Human Services director Kathleen Sebelius replacement Sylvia Mathews Burwell, handpicked by Barack Obama on March 4, 2013 as new director of the Office Management and Budget, is coming to the HHS portfolio under a stench.

It’s not just the usual stench wafting from epic fail ObamaCare, nor even the stench from sorting through the garbage looking for clues on lawyer Vince Foster’s demise back in the days when she was working for the Clintons.  It’s the permanent stink that no soap or perfume will ever mask: the denial of access to war vets to visit their own war memorial in Washington, D.C., which originated with Smiling Sylvia Burwell.

On the job as director of the Office Management and Budget only six months,  it was Burwell’s email that “initiated the process that closed national parks—like the National Mall containing the War Vets Memorial—visitors’ centers and even the “panda-cam” at the National Zoo.

For this dubious distinction in Obama regime history,  ‘Barrier Burwell’  is still being lauded as “the single person who shut down the entire U.S. government for the first time in 17 years”.

“Agencies should now execute plans for an orderly shutdown due to the absence of appropriations,” Burwell wrote in a memo to heads of executive departments and agencies Monday night as it became clear lawmakers had failed to agree on a budget deal. “We urge Congress to act quickly to pass a Continuing Resolution to provide a short-term bridge that ensures sufficient time to pass a budget for the remainder of the fiscal year.” (NBC News, Oct. 2, 2013)

Some 35,000 veterans were scheduled to visit the national memorial in Washington, D.C.  last October.

An all-expense-paid trip, which brought 900 heroic vets to Washington was called an “Honor Flight”.

“When Honor Flight of Northwest Ohio President Lee Armstrong called the parks service, he was told they would face arrest.” (NorthwestOhio.com, October 1, 2013)

It mattered not to Sylvia Burwell—whose main claim to fame is “breaking barriers in a male-dominated world”—that 99 percent of veterans on Honor Flights, many of whom had waited a lifetime, had never had the opportunity to see the memorial that is dedicated to their service.

Heralded in the mainstream media as the “single person who shut down the entire U.S. government for the first time in 17 years” during the so-called ‘government shutdown, she comes with big baggage.

The arrogance of the Democrat-lined Obama regime shines brighter than the Nevada sun.

Who can forget Sebelius talking down to NBC political correspondent Chuck Todd for sneezing during one of her briefings without properly covering his nose with his elbow?

Who can forget her innumerable lies that the failed ObamaCare website was up and running?
“Most recently, Sylvia Mathews Burwell, who hails from tiny Hinton, W. Va., has been doing philanthropic work for the past 12 years. Since 2001, she held various top-level positions at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the nation’s largest philanthropic organization, before moving on at the end of 2011 to become president of the Wal-Mart Foundation, which focuses on ending hunger in the U.S.” (NBC News)

You won’t find any mainstream media reporting that Burwell was a well-paid “philanthropic” worker, or that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for which she worked floats millions of dollars to the same Common Core that is indoctrination masquerading as Public Education.

Wal-Mart’s focus on ending hunger in the U.S. overlooks the fact that the hunger Americans feel is not so much the type that plagues empty bellies but a hunger for Liberty and Freedom that has plagued America since the arrival of the same Obama regime of which Sylvia Burwell is a loyal member.

“Chatsworth Osborne Jr. thinks that the reason Obama chose Burwell, Sylvia Burwell, is that she is “young and attractive.” Ahem.  (coughing)  (Rush Limbaugh, April 11, 2014)

“He thinks that what they are trying to do is set up a confirmation hearing where a bunch of old Republican white guys are mean to the girl by fighting her confirmation.  They think they can re-create or further the War on Women.  That’s Chatsworth’s theory about why this particular woman was chosen, simply for the confirmation hearings.”

“ OSBORNE:  I believe that the White House welcomes, relishes, a nomination fight over Burwell.  That is exactly the kind of symbolic moment they’re looking for in order to drive turnout among the single most important demographic, which is unmarried women.  That’s how he got elected president twice, ‘cause unmarried women voted for him.  They want some kind of showdown where this attractive young woman is attacked by male Republican senators.  They will use that as they’ve used all kinds of moments like that, like they did over birth control and Rush Limbaugh and all that stuff to get out the vote.”

“RUSH:  Right, and the theory is that the Republicans won’t be able to help themselves. They’ll just naturally oppose this young, attractive woman. And single women who are not likely to vote according to polling data now, will get fired up and show up.  That’s the theory.”

Marxist theory always looks better on paper than it works in reality.

“Obama nominated his budget chief, Sylvia Mathews Burwell, to replace Sebelius, calling her “a proven manager” who knows how to get results. The nomination of Burwell, who was confirmed by the Senate 96-0 for her current post last year, appeared aimed at avoiding an election-year confirmation fight.

“Last time, she was confirmed unanimously,” Obama said. “I’m assuming not much has changed since that time.”

‘Barrier Burwell’ is walking proof that the Obama regime will slap a smiley face on anything. 

Meanwhile, for Americans loving war heroes, who earned that love though courage and sacrifice,  “young and attractive” could never compare to the dear and withered faces of life’s true heroes”, the war heroes from many of whom a smiling Sylvia Burwell denied once-in-a-lifetime access to the memorial dedicated to honour their service.


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