Obama is a community organizer cum politician/president. Community organizers are a dime a dozen. They are out in force in every street protest in every county goading on the rent-a-mobs to anarchy

Obama waiting for America’s “We’re Done!” Moment

By —— Bio and Archives--July 14, 2015

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Like a mad scientist in a well stocked laboratory, Obama keeps trying to make a Frankenstein out of the U.S.A.

Everything that comes out of the Obama lab is meant to confuse and demoralize the masses.

Yesterday it was the news of his intention to “nationalize the suburbs”.  Today it’s his Pentagon announcing plans aimed at lifting the transgender ban, complete with a picture of Bruce Jenner/Caitlyn on a background of the American flag.


Only last week it was that the State of Oregon can now offer sex change operations for 15 year olds on the taxpayer tab and without the knowledge of their parents.

It goes without saying that it’s getting wackier by day in backward ObamaLand.

Key to Obama’s Fundamental Transformation of America is having the masses believe that everything he does is inevitable; that everything to which he turns his golf swing is an unchangeable fait accompli.

While the loudest chant to date from the Obama army is “RACIST!”, the loudest chant he longs to hear from the other side is: “We’re done!

But Americans who survived the past 239 years,  bypassing British rule, surviving the Civil War, the 1st and 2nd World Wars. and too many other horrors to list, will survive Obama’s newly-minted America and will NEVER be done.

It’s not all a walk in the park for beleaguered Barry.

A cursory look at Obama’s latest lab creations prove they’re anything but fait accomplis.

It will take a long donkey’s carrot to entice illegal aliens out into the suburbs they perceive as b-o-r-i-n-g.  All the jobs (oxymoron as that term has become) are in the cities.  The criminal element among the illegals know that the cities, where the action and opportunities are, is the place to be.  For the protest-obsessed regime it will be more difficult to mobilize the rent-a-mob hordes when they’re taking it easy out in the suburbs.

The Pentagon lifting the transgender ban: Under the Obama regime, the U.S. military has been all but hollowed out.  What’s left for the transgendered to join?

Won’t transgendered cuties be too busy painting their toenails or trying out new fashion togs to try on a uniform?

How many 15-year-old teens are lined up in Oregon waiting for their taxpayer-paid sex change operations?

For that matter, now that it’s been made legal by five unelected Supreme Court judges, how many homosexuals have rushed into what used to be Holy Matrimony?

While we’re at it, how long before the gay become jealous of all the attention being paid to the transgenders?

It’s not all a walk in the park for beleaguered Barry.

Just like the rest of society, the homosexuals and transgenders know that they’ve only got until Jan.20 , 2017 when their hero will be trumpeted   into the bowels of the United Nations.

Until then, Obama is sitting back counting on the ranks of the “I-give-up!”, “We’re done!” ranks to swell and for the embittered to infect the ranks of all those still willing to take stand for America.

Nothing is inevitable just because Obama decrees it to be. 

Nothing created by politicians is inevitable.  Politicians want you to believe that the radical change they wreak upon society is the unchangeable end of the script they have written society into.

Obama may have fundamentally changed a plethora of American institutions and turned the nation into a post-Constitution state, easy enough to do when the ‘Opposition’s’ in hiding.

But in order to fundamentally transform American patriots, he has taken on the impossible.  In order to do that Obama requires Americans to trade the Christian God for the one called Allah; for Americans to exchange the free market capitalism that raised their children for the dead-end future of Marxism.

With all he’s gotten away with to date, people tend to see Barack Obama as the political power house of record and too easily forget that he’s a community organizer cum politician/president.  Community organizers are a dime a dozen.  They are out in force in every street protest in every county goading on the rent-a-mobs to anarchy.


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