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Obama’s Back Even Though He Never Really Left

By —— Bio and Archives--September 10, 2018

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Obama’s Back Even Though  He Never Really Left
“I am part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration.  I work for the president but like-minded colleagues and I have vowed to thwart part of his agenda and his worst inclinations.” 

That’s “NEWS?!

If the words in Wednesday’s New York Times’ Flop-Op-Ed were not written by former President Barack Hussein Obama, they were certainly written FOR him


In point of plain fact, in consideration of the Op-Ed’s timing—one day before Obama came out of the closet as the Anti-Trump Resistance Leader, the Op-Ed’s words made it Obama’s re-entry into the political scene as resistance leader.

Notice how this is the one Op-Ed that was never suppressed but went viral instead?

And now we have New York Times columnist David Brooks stepping up to the plate pretending to be against his editorial page bosses, but providing them cover.

“(Brooks)  expressed public disagreement with his editorial-page bosses on Friday night’s All Things Considered on NPR. He didn’t directly mock their choice to publish an anonymous “senior administration official” bragging about how an internal “resistance” keeps President Trump in check from his worst impulses. He just mocked the official for committing a “stupid act” that will make Trump “much more erratic.” (NewsBusters, Sept. 8, 2018)

Front page headlines are shouting “Obama’s back!”  But the reality is that Obama is not back because he never really ever went away in the first place.

Fortified by the most lavish of lifestyles, fully rested up from rich man holidays, dining out at the finest restaurants with wife Michelle,  and interrupted only infrequently delivering addresses to university students who are his safe captive audience,  Obama had almost two years to plan his Coming-Out Resistance Party leadership.

In their first years out of office, other presidents oversee blueprints of libraries in which to leave their so-called legacies.  Obama’s is no library but a $1.5 billion dollar “Presidential Center” set to be launched in 2020 when whomever he wants (including his wife or chosen friend)  will take over the Oval Office easing the smarting of the pain when he failed by trying to install Hillary Clinton there.

Only a Democrat (read, Communist, Marxist, Socialist) is fit to lead America as far as Barack Obama is concerned.

Hard as it may be for some to accept, the issue when Obama came into power was never that he wasn’t born in America, but that he was launched on America by a cabal working to take the nation down.

There’s really nothing new about Obama coming out as the official leader of the resistance, that’s been his entire life’s main goal.  Even before being elected for the first time as junior Illinois state senator, he was already on the public teat with pals like Bill Ayers.

There’s nothing new in Wednesday’s NYT Op-Ed.  By and large the same words, or ones to the Op-Ed’s effect had already been written by a bevy of book authors lining up to take Trump down.  First came the rarely heard from any more Michael Wolff, followed by Omarosa, and now Bob Woodward, with stragglers like Hillary Clinton and her FBI defender Jim Comey in between.

Expect books by Stormy Daniels, Michael Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, Maxine Watters, Elizabeth Warren and a plethora of others before the 2020 presidential election.

None of them see that millions of deplorables among the masses,  trying to make up for lost time during Obama’s eight long years in the White House , don’t have time to sit around and read propaganda chronicled in books.

Here’s the Real News:

The self-crowned “GREAT I AM’!” who mentioned himself 102 in a 64 minute speech is as arrogant out of office as he was when he was in it.

Even bright, young never-Trumpers see clearly through Obama’s Comeback Act:

“On Friday, former President Barack Obama gave a speech at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. The central conceit of the speech was that President Donald Trump had broken American politics. And the central lie of the speech is that time began on November 8, 2016 – that the collapse of America’s social fabric and civic institutions had nothing to do with Barack Obama. (Ben Shapiro, Sept. 7, 2018)

“The reality of the situation, of course, is that Trump is a symptom of the slow-rolling collapse of those institutions, brought about in large part by the disingenuous gaslighting in which Obama engaged for a decade: promoting a better discourse while engaging identity politics, championing supposed honesty in politics while simultaneously presiding over an administration rife with malfeasance, and demonizing opponents while claiming to fly above the fray.

“Now, Obama is back – just in time to run in front of the presumed Democratic 2018 victory parade. Obama watched his party crash and burn during his two terms, losing the House, the Senate, and finally the White House – but now he’s back to offer moral guidance to the country he castigated throughout his tenure in office.”


Long-suffering deplorables don’t have to go all the way back to 2008 to see where the 21st century’s   ‘GREAT I AM!’ comes from but only look back to January 2017.

All embittered attendees assembled at the Donald Trump Inauguration only got through the most hated inauguration of all time, knowing the blaze of pink knitted pussy caps would be on full display by the following day.

Forging ahead as meticulously planned,  they placed a pink pussy cap on the hated head of the incoming president one day after he was inaugurated, trying to Hillary brand him forever as the world’s worst misogynist.

They didn’t contain their visceral hatred of Trump in Washington, DC, but by crossing the ocean to Great Britain,  made it generic.

If it sounds like a conspiracy it’s because it was and is a conspiracy.

Meanwhile, Special Counsel head Robert Mueller III’s book is sure to come. Call it ‘Impeachment by the Resistance’.

As usual, the mainstream and social media will be trying to distract you.  This time with something spelled D-i-v-o-r-c-e, the divorces of Michael Moore, Van Jones and over in England, Boris Johnson’s.

But Duck, Deplorables, Duck because the Democrats will be hurling the kitchen sink at the masses anytime between today and Nov. 6 Midterm Elections.

The only way to stop them in their tracks and to avoid being hit by future hurled objects is to get out and vote Republican.


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