God Bless American soldiers gone to their heavenly rewards forever!

Obama’s Memorial Day Ice Cream Gloat

By —— Bio and Archives--May 25, 2015

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The picture Herman Cain writer Dan Calabrese calls “the worst Memorial Day photo ever” should be going viral now if Obama Google pals don’t bury it.

The photo shows for once and for all how President Barack Obama really feels about Memorial Day, the one day a year set aside to pay respect to the sacrifice of the highly venerated war dead.


Just like the man the photo depicts, the picture not only swaggers across the stage, it leaps,  bounds and somersaults into view, walking on stilts across our troubled minds.

With background strains of the inspirational Marines’ Hymn ‘The Halls of Montezuma’ coming from Sirius Radio’s 40s station, which (Bless them!) always plays American military classics on Memorial Day,  I spotted Calabrese’s aptly described “the worst Memorial Day photo ever” for the first time early this morning.

It comes at us, “Courtesy of the Democrats (via Twitter), of course,” Calabrese wrote.

Why would the Dems circulate such an over-the-top, downright piggish picture on Memorial Day 2015?

Because Dems have absolutely no regard whatsoever for the sensibilities of others, family members counted among the fallen or not.  Because Democrats of the day have no taste.  They have no class, they have no couth. Being so consummately wrapped up in their me-first selves, they have nothing to offer anyone else.  They’re too caught up in feathering their own nests while millions of their American brothers and sisters struggle their way through a post-Constitutional America.

Still giddy from the stupendous victory of their colleagues in the billionaire Atlantic Philanthropies organization, who only three days ago turned Ireland over to the gay activist movement, pretending it was the good people of Ireland and not American lobbyists who got the job done, Obama’s Dems are on a roll.

Fortunate for the masses that the Dems remain unaware that their Obama-slobbering-icecream-cone picture can also be categorized as ‘Symbolic 101’.

The ice cream cone is the America Obama is so greedily wolfing down. The Obama grin, likely intended to show his trademark “I could care less” look, comes across as moronic.

Symbolic now morphs into Reality 101: After all atrocities thrown at them during the past seven years, and against all odds, Americans are surviving the most anti-American president in their history.  They are honoring the hero known as the America soldier on this Memorial Day—and they will go on to honor them long after Obama leaves office.

God Bless American soldiers gone to their heavenly rewards forever!


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