No, America. Barack Obama’s true religion is not Muslim or Christian – his true religion is himself.

Obama’s True Religion

By —— Bio and Archives--August 22, 2010

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We all know that a person’s words are one thing, but when those words are backed up with actions, a true picture of that person will always begin to emerge.


Those who supported Barack Obama for president were certain that his provocative rhetoric would soon subside into a more moderate tone once he settled into the office of president. Setting aside his campaign mode, bowing to the will of his party for the sake of power and control in Washington and governing the country as many presidents have done before him.

But to the surprise and sometimes dismay of both political parties and independents, something unexpected happened on Obama’s way to the oval office. The newly elected president not only made good on all of his provocative rhetoric, he proceeded to double, and even triple down on most of it - dragging the Democrat party along for what could turn out to be the wildest political ride of their lives.

Over the past two years, Barack Hussein Obama has begun to unapologetically paint a very clear picture of who he truly is.

The blank canvas that was Barack Obama became a clear portrait of reality to most Americans when he spoke those two revealing words regarding his original supportive statement for the Ground Zero mosque: “No regrets.”

Those two words seemed to have solidified, for a majority of Americas, that the man who currently holds the office of President of the United States is no ordinary president.

President Barack Obama is someone who takes literally the unwritten title: ruler of the free world. Although I would suggest, at Obama’s behest in the near future, the word “free” will be omitted from that title. 

President Obama answers to no one but himself, with his only alley being the man in the mirror and some warped socialist ideology of world governance based on his fundamental transformation of the United States of America.

His politics are dominated by expedience, with no exception or regard for a person’s race, color, gender, religion or political affiliation. He tends to use them all equally well.

His conscience is governed by the basest sense of self-centered and self-serving egotistical emotion.

And although President Obama does comes across as a Muslim to many people, the only real similarity he has with them is sharing the same attitude Muslim extremists have toward America.

Obama does not now, nor will he ever, practice any religion remotely affiliated with worshiping a power higher than himself.

No, America. Barack Obama’s true religion is not Muslim or Christian – his true religion is himself. He answers to no one and serves to meet only his ends, by any means possible – no regrets.


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