Trump can make his UN debut today the end of the UN and not the end of a sovereign USA.

Obama’s UN Global Expansion of Community Organizing

By —— Bio and Archives--September 19, 2017

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It should surprise no one that former President Barack Obama will host an upcoming gathering of civic leaders from around the world on the 31st of October, the day the United Nations celebrates ‘World Cities Day’.

Obama and the UN are on the same obsessive mission to take over the world country by country by first globalizing the West, city by city.

Both quintessential ‘Community Organizer’ Obama and the cunning UN are the wretched, but-still-largely-unsuspected face of One World Government.  Both remain flush in cash from the very people they intend to corral ;  neither gives a Twitter about America’s sovereignty, or for that matter anyone else’s.

Obama and the UN work for their evil world takeover from the depth of the shadows, pretending to be saviors of a world needing their rescue.

There won’t be a peep during this week’s UN General Assembly meeting about what the world’s largest bureaucracy plans for the masses.

Instead the deceptive UN will continue to claim that its intention is “to promote the international community’s interest in global urbanization, push forward cooperation among countries in meeting opportunities and addressing challenges of urbanization, and contributing to sustainable urban development around the world.” (UNHabitat)

Hogwash well hidden in never-ceasing highhanded Marxist propaganda.

“World Cities Day was established on December 27, 2013 by the General Assembly in its resolution A/RES/68/239, in which the General Assembly “decides to designate 31 October, beginning in 2014, as World Cities Day, invites States, the United Nations system, in particular UN-Habitat, relevant international organizations, civil society and all relevant stakeholders to observe and raise awareness of the Day”,  without ever arousing even a scintilla of suspicion. (UNHabitat)

“The general theme of World Cities Day is Better City, Better Life, while each year a different sub-theme is selected, to either promote successes of urbanization, or address specific challenges resulting from urbanization.” (Coreaid, Oct. 31, 2015)

At last count—but still growing—The inhabitants of some 1,200 cities—600 of them American—do not even know they’ve been hijacked by the UN’s Agenda 21. (Canada Free Press, Aug. 20, 2012)

Chicago, the city where Obama will host a gathering of worldwide civic leaders does not reflect “World Cities Day is Better City, Better life”.

The windy city has reached the status of 500 violent deaths this year alone, even though it is Obama’s hometown, home to the Obama Foundation, and is the future site of his presidential center and presidential library.

Chicago is the city from which Obama will now teach future community organizers, to civic leaders of the world. 

“This leadership summit will be a place to gather and learn from one another and then go back to your communities and lead others in the hard work of change,” he said. (Circa, Sept. 13, 2017)

“In the weeks and months ahead, we’ll be kicking off more initiatives and opportunities for people like you to get involved in the Obama Foundation’s mission,” Obama added.

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“That mission is simple – we want to inspire and power people to change the world. And we hope you’ll be a part of it.”

“Obama said the two-day summit will let hundreds of people active in their communities across the globe to collaborate on solutions to common problems.

“The former president added that the event will showcase art, music and technology from a wide array of international cultures.

“The Obama Foundation is now accepting applications from applicants who are active in their communities, passionate about social change and can add diverse perspectives to the event.”

World Cities Day follows in the footsteps of the ‘High-Level Panel of Eminent Persons’ ushering in the ‘United Nations Post-2015 Development Agenda’. (Canada Free Press, March 4, 2014)

“The ‘High-Level Panel of Eminent Persons’ includes the current presidents of Indonesia and Liberia, along with Britain’s former President David Cameron; the former presidents of Germany and Japan and Queen Rania Al Abdullah, Queen of Jordan as co-chairs.  (See full list at bottom of article.)

You’ll never guess who stood in on the panel for Obama when he was still US president:

John Podesta, then Obama senior counsellor, former co-chairman of the Obama-Biden Transition Project and former White House Chief of Staff under President Bill Clinton. (CFP)

“Podesta positioning on the Eminent Persons Panel allowed Obama to remain on the stage as magician, diverting attention away with almost daily scandals while allowing the 2015 takeover to meet its goal.

“The plan was being perfected while millions were losing their jobs, or searching for another; while major attention had to be paid to replace health insurance plans.

“People wanting to know what was coming in the Post-2015 Development Agenda needed someone to keep them awake when having to read through the twaddle-hiding-danger, 81-page long document.  And that’s the way it was intended.

‘Free encyclopedia’ Wikipedia describes it as referring to “ process led by the United Nations (UN) that aims to help define the future global development framework that will succeed the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), a set of eight global development targets which come to an end in 2015.” (Italics CFP’s).

The UN never uses plain English or Swahili when they can confound citizens with legalese and gobbledygook—even though the plan is one intended to take over the world.

But this is the plan in a nutshell: the inexorable creation of an all-encompassing new set of “sustainable development goals” for the planet that will require an outlay of trillions of dollars on poverty and the environment; a radical reorganization of economic production and consumption—primarily in rich countries—and mammoth funding for a newly-energized war on climate change.


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“What it all boils down to is the UN is putting the wraps on a “profound transformation” of human society and plots to “dramatically alter” your views and behaviour so that you won’t find it necessary to fight it off. (From Vision to Action—Priority Transformations For A Post-2015 Agenda, pg. 10). (CFP)

“Among the chief designs of of a Post-2015 Agenda is the end of America—even though America will largely finance it.

“If you have neither the time nor the patience to read through the Post-2015 Development agenda, read writers like Dr. Ileana Johnson, Claudia Rosett, Joseph Klein, Kelly O’Connell, and the late Henry Lamb just to mention a few.  Not only do they get it, but they put it in a way that you can more easily understand it.

“Surviving the unbridled ambition of the UN for world takeover with a footloose Obama on board won’t be easy.”

“Speaking at the United Nations for the first time as US President, Donald Trump decried its “mismanagement” and “bureaucracy”, but was full of praise for the global body’s mission as he began a busy week of diplomacy. (Independent, Sept. 19, 2017))

“With North Korea, the Rohingya refugee crisis in Burma, an increasingly confident Russia and climate change among a host of looming global issues, Mr Trump pushed for reform of the UN during his first meeting.

“Expected to admonish foes - and perhaps even praise enemies like calling Kim Jong-un “rocket man” - during his major speech on Tuesday, his usual fiery rhetoric and riffing giving way to friendly greetings with UK Foreign Minister Boris Johnson and Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and sticking to reading prepared remarks may see some world leaders relax just a bit.”

Making speeches to the UN General Assembly today, won’t change a thing for the people of the West, President Trump.

Spewing endless words is what the UN does best.  They have weaselled out of action of any kind ever since their 1945 founding.

It is time to pull the US out of the UN.

If it is American sovereignty that President Trump really wants, he has no choice but to kick the UN to the curb.

Nothing else will stop the UN’s march to one world government for all of western society.

Trump can make his UN debut today the end of the UN and not the end of a sovereign USA.

UN Report (PDF)

High Level Panel of Eminent Persons

  • Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (co-chair), President of Indonesia
  • Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (co-chair), President of Liberia
  • David Cameron (co-chair), Prime Minister of United Kingdom
  • Fulbert Gero Amoussouga, Economic advisor of the President of Benin
  • Izabella Teixeira, Minister for the Environment of Brazil
  • Yingfan Wang, Member of the Secretary-General’s MDG Advocacy Group, China
  • Maria Angela Holguin, Foreign Minister of Colombia
  • Gisela Alonso, President of the Agency of Environment of Cuba
  • Jean-Michel Severino, Former Director General of the French Development Agency
  • Horst Köhler, Former IMF Managing Director and former President of Germany
  • Naoto Kan, Former Prime Minister of Japan
  • Queen Rania Al Abdullah, Queen of Jordan
  • Betty Maina, Chief Executive of the Association of Manufacturers of Kenya
  • Abhijit Banerjee, Ford Foundation International Professor of Economics, from India
  • Andris Piebalgs, European Commissioner for Development from Latvia
  • Patricia Espinosa, Foreign Minister of Mexico
  • Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever, from the Netherlands
  • Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Finance Minister of Nigeria
  • Elvira Nabiullina, Economic advisor to the Russian President
  • Graça Machel, Member of The Elders, South Africa
  • Sung Hwan Kim, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Republic of Korea
  • Gunilla Carlsson, Minister for International Development Cooperation, Sweden
  • Emilia Pires, Minister of Finance of Timor-Leste
  • Kadir Topbas, Mayor of Istanbul, Turkey
  • John Podesta, Chair of the Center for American Progress, United States of America
  • Tawakel Karman, Journalist, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Yemen
  • Amina J. Mohammed, Nigeria (ex officio, Special Adviser of Ban Ki-moon)

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