Played out until the end of time, the battle of good and evil carries on, more dangerous now all because a pope and president dedicate their energies to the side of evil

Obama’s Worship of Communist Cuba comes during Holy Week 2016

By —— Bio and Archives--March 23, 2016

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President Barack Hussein Obama hit his lifetime apex yesterday by publicly groveling to the communist leader of Cuba.  Openly swearing allegiance to Cuba’s 57-year-long communist manifesto, he publicly agreed with Raúl Castro that America is the most hateful member in what they both hope is a dying capitalist world; the nation most responsible for the grinding poverty in Communism’s only North American outpost.

A country, where virginal innocence is handed over for a package of chewing gum or the promise of a washing machine,  was made to look superior to the country to which thousands of Cubans flee on any rickety thing that will float.


Back In 2009 Obama began his Hate-America agenda against the ‘Land of the Free’, ‘Home of the Brave’ by putting it down in the Arab world,  and is now ending it by putting America down in the 57-year-old communist state of Cuba.  The photos in the American family history album, destined to keep speaking a thousand words even long after he’s gone, include the one with him standing proudly in front of the photo of the murderous brute Ché Guevara,  and the telltale limp-wristed one where Raúl Castro seemed unwilling to let go of his arm.

With all of the breath-taking arrogance that only a self-made community organizer cum dictator could call his own, Obama’s message to the West is: “What Barack wants, Barack always gets.”

That Cuba, still under the boots of the flagrant human rights ignoring Castro brothers,  is only 90 miles off the coast of Florida, should send chills down the backbone of Communist savvy people the world over.

But what Barack really wants most,  he’ll never get, neither in nor out of office.

Barack wants all citizens, starting with American ones goose stepping their way toward his brand of Islamist terrorist/ lib-left approved Marxism, soul-less Marxism that lives primarily to stomp out all allegiance to God Almighty.

Thinking in a failed ideology that hasn’t changed since the salad days of its filthy and scab-ridden founder Karl Marx, Obama has convinced himself that all civilization has been duped by a promised Utopia, all because Pope Francis forged the way to Cuba for him.

And just to think that both pope and president planned for it to peak during Holy Week 2016!

It is not the people of Cuba with whom the world population have nothing in common, but with the leaders of both countries and the present-day Vatican.

Your faith is not safe with these Marxist ideologues who would put global warming as mankind’s biggest threat ahead of Islamic terrorism.  Nor are your children safe with them and most especially not your own God-given soul.

Destined to be played out until the end of time, the battle of good and evil carries on, more dangerous now all because a pope and president dedicate their energies to the side of evil.

But it is not in the pope or president that the masses believe, for it is now and will always be: “In God we trust”.

Other than causing us sleepless nights fraught with worries for the future of our children and grandchildren,  Francis and Barack are doomed to fail because their hero is Karl Marx while the hero of the people for whom they set their traps against,  is Jesus Christ.


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