Planning for Halloween

Of Halloweens past and present

By —— Bio and Archives--August 9, 2008

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Trying to come up with original costumes for Halloween? 

Searching for inspiration on what to wear, what to make or what to buy?  There are sites out there that can help you come up with perfect costumes for Halloween, when you are stuck for time and inspiration.

Possible themes could include the History of Halloween, instead of throwing on a wrist band and track pants a call yourself a runner. Coming up with the right costume can be fun and instructional. 

I can remember spending weeks ahead of Halloween making a costume of a Roman Centurion, all because I had a red rain cape.  Taking an old hockey helmet and glue on top of it the bristles from and old broom, Taking the wooden handle of the broom and using that as the base for a my Roman pilum—spear—if you wish.

That year I never made it off the block.  Partly because my neighbours wanted to know how, I made everything and also because , with my “roman sandals” I was not paying attention to where I was going and ripped a tendon in my ankle.

Try explaining to the emergency room nurse, my Roman “getup”.

This leads me to think about safety and security during Halloween.  Things have changed a lot since I was a ‘centurion’. A list of 41 Halloween safety tips is a good start to ensure a great Halloween.

Now excuse me as I browse the web to come up with a new idea.

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