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Macron’s defeat and humiliation will be a beautiful thing to see and witness, mes amis

Oh Bebe, Macron Est Pain Grille!!! (Toast)

By —— Bio and Archives--April 30, 2017

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The arrogant, entitled, incompetent boob Emmanuel Macron is in a free fall.

Le Pen is surging. She is not 18 points back.  I have been doing some informal and unscientific polling with some associates in France.

Our informal analysis has Le Pen back only 10 points and rapidly gaining on Macron.

I predicted the Brexit victory well in advance- as well as Trump’s victory.

I am predicting by election day, Le Pen will win decisively by 5 points. It won’t even be close, mes amis.

Macron’s support is broad, but not deep rock solid like Le Pen’s hard core populist support.  The French left is not rushing to support Macron in this run-off election.

Twenty percent (20%) of the supporters of the hard left Melenchon are explicitly supporting Le Pen.

I suspect support for Le Pen here is much larger.

Many French trade unionists are openly backing Le Pen, much to the shock of the leftist press, who are still caught in a clueless bubble- railing against the fascism of Le Pen and her Front National.

But it is quite apparent many in French society- youth, working class people, people in the French suburbs,  hinterland and countryside are not falling for this time- the traditional leftist press demonization of the so-called fascist Front and its controversial leader, Le Pen.

Le Pen is clearly benefiting from leftist abstention. The “neither Macron or Le Pen” movement is gaining ground.

Hashtags like “SansMoiLe7Mai” (Without me May 7) are very popular on social media.

Similarly, many on the right, supporters of the Conservative Fillion, will be abstaining to protest the mistreatment their hero Fillion by the pro Macron-biased liberal press. 

Macron is a wealthy, out of touch 1% banker like Romney, with the arrogance and poor judgment of a Hillary Clinton. But unlike Hillary, he has no organization. No ground game and no hope of victroire.

Macron is running a classic front-runner, tone-deaf campaign, bashing his opponent Le Pen.  But he is not providing any effective economic solutions for the many millions of French citizens suffering from a stagnant French economy. And who have been left behind by a German-driven, German-controlled E.U. economy.

Macron has alienated youth, the left and working class and middle income men and women outside the major French cities.

While Macron partied at a wealthy Parisian restaurant, Le Pen campaigned with the striking workers at a Northern French factory. All the French press vilified Macron’s arrogance and complacency. Macron acted as if the run off election was already won.

Pride (and arrogance) comes before the fall.

When the even French leftist press turns on Macron, you know he is in deep merde, merde. (doo doo)

Le Pen is grabbing these people and expanding her base.

Le Pen is riding a wave of alienation and discontent . But she is also tapping into a love of France, its unique history and identity. France for the French is resonating. A return to a vibrant, independent French nationalism and exceptionalism. The French are tired of being a junior partner to the arrogant Germans and subordinate to the elitist unelected EU bureaucrats.

Macron’s defeat and humiliation will be a beautiful thing to see and witness, mes amis.

Mitch Wolfe -- Bio and Archives | Comments

Mitch Wolfe, a graduate of Harvard University, is the author of “Trump: How He Captured The Trump White House”, which he wrote and had published prior to the election. (available on Amazon.com)

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