One Small Tweet for Man, One Giant Leap for Stupidity

By -- GOPUSA—— Bio and Archives--October 12, 2018

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To infinity and beyond. That’s the lengths liberals will go to in order to promote a politically correct version of history in which all supposed racists, slave owners, oil barons, or just good old-fashioned white people are purged from existence. The latest example of this “I better not praise anyone in the past who is no longer on the left’s approved list of acceptable people” comes from ex-astronaut Scott Kelly, who quoted Winston Churchill but then immediately apologized for it. Oh brother!

Be careful whom you quote. The left is on the lookout, and if anyone dares to speak fondly of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Mark Twain, or in this case, Winston Churchill, the backlash could be intense. But what’s worse? The backlash from overly sensitive, history-denying left-wingers, or those who apologize for offending such a snowflake constituency?—MORE…



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