How many more hundreds of thousands will be energy poor if you continue down your disastrous energy path?

Ontario Hydro Rates Most Expensive and Disastrous for Ontarians

By —— Bio and Archives--May 13, 2015

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QUEEN’S PARK —People have had enough of the Liberal government’s unaffordable hydro rates and are coming from across the province to express their frustration, stated John Yakabuski, PC Energy Critic. “People are here today to tell you that they cannot afford energy at 16.1 cents kWh—or what you dismissively call ‘a cup of coffee’.


You are forcing them to choose between heating their homes or putting food on the table.”

Yakabuski charged that “skyrocketing energy rates are having a devastating impact on real people…because under the Green Energy Act you continue to sign contracts for expensive, intermittent, unreliable power.” The result is continually increasing rates.

“How many more hundreds of thousands will be energy poor if you continue down your disastrous energy path?” asked Yakabuski.

In addition, Randy Hillier, PC MPP for Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and Addington charged that Ontario’s all-in hydro costs are the most expensive in Canada—not amongst the most competitive in North America as the government tries to convince people. “The true cost of your hydro mess is that…your failed hydro policy has led to the most expensive electricity in the country,” stated Hillier.

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Hydro One Ontario
Basic Monthly Charge + $24.07 Energy Charge = $97
Line loss charge +$11.19
Smart meter entity charge + $0.79 Debt retirement +$7
Regulatory charge + $5.95 Delivery charge +$46.33
Total $192.33 for 1000 KwH

Basic Monthly Charge $20.22
Energy Charge: 12.346¢/KwHx1000, $123.46
Total $143.68 for 1000 KwH

Nova Scotia
Basic Monthly Charge, $18.82
Energy Charge: $116.61 38.60+29.89+48.12+18.82=135.43
Total $135.43 for 1000 KwH

Basic Monthly Charge, $15.68
Energy Charge: 11.178¢/KwHx1000, $111.78
Total $127.46 for 1000 KwH

New Brunswick
Basic Monthly Charge, $22.46
Energy Charge: 10.25 ¢/KwHx1000, $102.50
Total $124.96 for 1000 KwH

Basic Monthly Charge, $22.46
Energy Charge=10.25¢/KwHx1000, $102.50
Total $124.96 for 1000 KwH

British Colombia
Basic monthly charge, 0.16640 per day ($4.92 monthly)
Energy Charge: 7.52¢/kWhx1000, $75.20
Rate Rider 5% Rate Rider applied to all charges before taxes and levies
Total $84.12 for 1000 KwH

Basic monthly Charge, $7.28
Energy Charge: 7.381¢/kWhx1000, $73.81
Total $81.09 for 1000 KwH

Basic Monthly Charge, $12.19
Energy Charge: 5.57¢/KwHx1000, $55.70
Total $67.89 for 1000 KwH

The graph above illustrates the all in cost for 1000 KwH in a month’s time for a rural residential home. For Time-of-Use (TOU) billing, which both Ontario and Nova Scotia use, the break down was a 20/20/60 split. With 20% of the daily load being done on Peak hours, 20% on middle hours and 60% of the load taking place during the low hours. The other side of this paper is the breakdown of the rates and charges for each province. Alberta was omitted due to multiple utilities operating throughout the province systems, making a fair comparison difficult.

As you can see, Hydro One tops the chart and surpasses Saskatchewan, the next highest paying jurisdiction, by close to $50 a month. Furthermore, both our neighbor to the East and West have the lowest rates in the country. The breakdown illustrates that the additional charges such as the delivery, line loss and the debit retirement charges.

If you would like to discuss this further please feel free to contact myself or my office. For a more detailed breakdown of the same data please visit randyhilliermpp.com/hydro_facts .


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