Take courage, President Trump supporters, while you have the hope of better days because of the president you elected, all the Democrats have to go on with the 34 seats mega millions bought them, is HATE

OORAH! No Blue Wave, No Beto O’Rourke, No Andrew Gillum

By —— Bio and Archives--November 7, 2018

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  Congressman Steve King, Sam Clovis  
Two of Canada Free Press’s favourite guys, Iowa Congressman Steve King, and CFP columnist, radio host Sam Clovis at last night’s victory party.

The Robert Mueller III special counsel pinko puppets are already threatening to have mega subpoenas slapped on President Donald Trump, as a result of the seats they gained in yesterday’s Midterm elections.

Problem is they had nothing but the cowardly Christopher Steele’s dirty dossier as evidence of Russia-Trump collusion going into the Midterm race— and still nothing two expensive years later.


‘Dems Take House; +34 Republicans Keep Senate; +3 is the overall outcome of the election, as of press time.

But the Blue Wave was as conspicuously missing as the migrant caravan whose radicals including criminals were supposed to storm the border in time for Election Day.

The best of the good news: Texas reelected Senator Ted Cruz over the $70-million-spending-Beto O’Rourke, who on live television touted the supreme expletive in a concession speech he was convinced would be a victory one.

Claire McCaskill went down in flames in Missouri where Josh Hawley handily defeated her.

Voters sent a strong message to battleground-state Democrats who opposed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh who all went down to defeat.

Not so fond farewells to Florida’s Bill Nelson, North Dakota’s Heidi Heitkamp, and Indiana’s Joe Donnelly.  But wasn’t media mentioned because Montana was not considered a battleground state.

Buh-Bye to Andrew Gillum,  mercifully edged out byRon DeSantis.

Yesterday’s election outcome will be cast as a referendum on Trump even though he was not on the ballot as soon as media meisters get the first sip of their cafe lattés this morning.

Citizens will soon be reading Blue Wave simpering alibis like this one from all places, Fox News.

“It wasn’t quite a blue wave, but enough districts turned blue to end the Republicans’ total control of Washington, marking a turning point in the Trump presidency. (Fox News, Nov. 6, 2018)

There was NO turning point in the Trump presidency. The Republicans easily held onto the Senate while even with the mainstream and social media in the tank with them, the Democrats—now filtered down by Democratic Socialists of America like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez— only gained back 34 seats in the House.

Back to Fox News:

“And the media will cast Tuesday’s outcome as a rejection of Trumpism, which will be the subject of endless cable segments and op-ed arguments.”

A hard row to hoe when millions have been abandoning cable TV, including Fox.

“Trump was always going to own the midterm results, win or lose. The media were going to cast it as a referendum on his presidency regardless, and he embraced that notion, saying he was practically on the ballot, nationalizing the contests around such issues as immigration and spending the final weeks in a blitz of interviews and campaign rallies. (Fox News)

“The previously powerless Democrats now wield at least some power in the nation’s capital, which could mean two years of gridlock, unless the president and opposition party decide it’s in their self-interest to cooperate on certain issues.”


The Democrats shouldn’t hold their breath too long waiting on that one.

“And even in the 8 p.m. hour, with many races too close or too early to call, some pundits were already talking about how Nancy Pelosi’s troops could make life difficult for the administration with a blizzard of investigations and subpoenas.” (Fox)

That’s the biggest laughable threat of them all, given that that’s exactly what “Nancy Pelosi’s troops” have been doing for the last two years.

So typical of the mainstream and social media, one has to go down copy to read that “the Republicans held the Senate”.

“But politics is a game of expectations, and all the media chatter about a blue tsunami came to seem premature. That may be because political races always tighten at the end, and in part because Trump succeeded in mobilizing his conservative base.” (Fox News)

“The president’s tactics — especially his focus on immigration, the caravan and birthright citizenship — were widely denounced by the media in the final stretch.

“Trump was accused in news stories of using fear-mongering and racially charged divisiveness to rile up his supporters. While the president’s rhetoric did get uncomfortably hot at times, and several networks rejected an immigration ad as racist, many in the media also fueled the divisiveness with attacks on the president.”

Fox News, Facebook, and NBC all ran the ad then pulled it.

“But when the media sages said the president should tout the booming economy, he countered that the subject was unexciting when people were doing well and focused on the more emotional subject of illegal immigration.”


Standing up to the media and doing things his way is what distinguishes Donald Trump as president

Standing up to the media and doing things his way is what distinguishes Donald Trump as president.

To the total dismay of the Democrats, the media and the Entertainment Industry, Donald Trump remains the dominant figure in American politics, even though they’ve already started this morning bellowing that for the first time since their boo-hoo fest on Nov. 9, 2016, the Democrats finally have something to cheer about.

You’d never know by reading this Fox account that the Obamas and Crooked Hillary are still out there somewhere pulling their own hair out.

Take courage, President Trump supporters, while you have the hope of better days because of the president you elected, all the Democrats have to go on with the 34 seats mega millions bought them, is HATE.


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