Thank God for Sean Hannity. And Thank God for YOU, Melanie Morgan!

#OperationFightFireWithFire Pulling Nation out of slump

By —— Bio and Archives--September 28, 2017

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Through the ups and downs that are part of everyday life in this Valley of Tears, the one True Patriot who stands tallest in my heart is Move America Forward founder, ‘Angel of the Troops’, Melanie Morgan.

Through all, Melanie Morgan has always been there for America, unflinching when Code Pink and the rest of the anti-war hoodlums went after her, unflagging in her love of America no matter how trying the circumstances.

One of my most memorable life-defining moments originates with Morgan on the day I stood beside her for the lowering of the flag, ushered in by a bugler playing the hauntingTaps at the Walter Reed Medical Center.

Canada Free Press (CFP) Associate Editor Arthur Weinreb and Yours Truly had rushed to the Medical Center on Sept. 15, 2007 to meet with Melanie, who was busy preparing for the MAF/Gathering of Eagles counter-protest to the antiwar march on Washington, D.C. the following morning.

Watching the lowering of the flag was a young soldier, who had lost both legs in battle in Iraq. The arms of the wheelchair-bound soldier were scarred from the shoulders down. Yet, the look of pride as he gazed on Old Glory will live on in my memory forever.

It was through Morgan that I learned that the real unsung heroes of this life are the ones who risk life and limb for the protection of the homeland, not the celebrities of the Entertainment and Sporting industries.

Back in 2009 when others were giving in to depression and despair, just one day before Barack Hussein Obama was to be sworn in as president, Morgan was out there lighting the candles of American patriots by asking them to protest the speaking engagement of Obama’s pal, unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, at St. Mary’s College campus.

“Despite his record, Ayers is being represented by St. Mary’s as an exponent of “social justice”, Morgan wrote.

“His right to (hate) speech is guaranteed by the very soldiers whom he plotted to blow up back in the 1960s.

“We need to deny him a soap-box.”

Morgan’s ongoing courageous stands against the relentless power of the progressive left continue to light fires of hope in patriot hearts.

And her latest #OperationFightFireWithFire initiative couldn’t be happening at a bleaker time.

So it was providential to me that I found Morgan’s latest Facebook message today on the same one that ‘Obamacare for Life’, complete with photo of a gleeful-looking Barack Obama holding a needle,  was the main headline on the Drudge Report:

“If you watched Sean Hannity on Fox Tuesday evening you probably saw the amazing interview with Bill O’Reilly that lasted almost the entire show. And you heard Hannity announce that Bill is going to be a regular guest. (Stop the Scalpings)

Continued below...

“This is stunning news.

“What a difference from a few short months ago when BOR had been fired, Hannity was boycotted by Media Matters for America, and the entire Fox organization was in disarray.

“So what changed?

“Hannity fought back.

“Brian Maloney and I rallied around our old friend and found 108K new friends such as yourselves. We launched #OperationFightFireWithFire and slowly, incrementally, hundreds of radio, TV and print interviews and thousands of posts later, Hannity now has a new contract, a new show, an end to a boycott, KILLER RATINGS against Rachel Maddow, and now this: Hannity is going to Florida next week to interview El Rushbo.

“For those who don’t know, Rush and Hannity have never been particularly close. There wasn’t any big argument or or disagreement, but the two were busy fighting individual ratings battles without a close supportive relationship like between Mark Levin and Sean Hannity.

“So, this is a big deal.

“I have to say that Sean Hannity is the smartest, wiliest, most determined survivor in the history of radio and TV. He will NOT be stopped. He is talented, funny, warm, driven, and extremely loyal. He is super intelligent and highly principled. He also knows how to win. These are qualities we desperately need in America today as we fight the organized Leftists who are trying to take away our rights, and destroy our traditional values.

“Thank God for Sean Hannity.”

And Thank God for YOU, Melanie Morgan!

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