Liberal Government’s failed, unaccountable eco tax experiment has been scrapped

Opposition protest cancels eco tax – for now!!

By —— Bio and Archives--July 20, 2010

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Queens Park: Government’s failed, unaccountable eco tax experiment has been scrapped following a growing outcry from those across the province opposed to ever higher fees.

Environment Minister Gerretsen admitted responsibility for the botched Municipal Hazardous or Special Waste diversion program eco taxes on over 9,000 products earlier this morning. Gerretsen announced the taxes would be cancelled and that there will be a 90 day review.

“In two short weeks Minister Gerretsen has moved from ‘hide and sneak’ to ‘duck and run’ – first sticking us with thousands of extra fees under the cover of the HST, then admitting failure in hopes of silencing a taxed-off public,” Barrett retorted following the Minister’s announcement. “We’ve gone from retail chaos to 90 days of uncertainty – a three month delay that will be bad for business, bad for consumers and for the environment.

“He should know we’ll all be waiting when the Minister’s delay ploy concludes and he attempts to reintroduce this wrongheaded approach to diversion funding.”

At a Toronto news conference hosted by Barrett and Opposition Leader Tim Hudak, Mr. Hudak reconfirmed that while government may plan an eco tax redux, a PC Government would eliminate the McGuinty eco-tax once and for all.

“This is what happens when you have a government that is out-of-gas, out-of-touch and asleep at the switch. It is only a matter of time before Dalton McGuinty once again tries to sneak in this eco-tax when he hopes nobody is looking,” said Hudak. “There is only one way to keep the McGuinty Liberal eco-tax off our receipts and off our store shelves and that is to replace this government.  As Premier I will scrap this tax once and for all.”

Over the past twenty days, the McGuinty Liberal eco-tax has created chaos and confusion at cash registers throughout Ontario, while the McGuinty government has engaged in a blame game, pointing fingers at businesses, government agencies and previous governments before finally today admitting responsibility.

In what amounts to a glaring understatement, today’s news conference saw Minister Gerretsen confess “I as minister could have done a better job for communicating these changes.”

“It’s incumbent on people in Ontario to make sure he doesn’t get another chance,” Barrett responded.

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