Our country is dealing with the long time failure of our government to do its job

By -- John Bryant—— Bio and Archives--January 31, 2018

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Our country is dealing with the long time failure of our government to do its job. We are faced with the results of an immigration policy that has been ignored for years. We have within our borders people who do not belong here, yet we recognize that many have been here for years, perhaps their entire lives, and only know this country.

Democrats have made those immigrants the focus of their campaign. Some believe it is a ploy to secure voters. Whatever the reason, their mission is causing a stalemate with Republicans who are eager to enforce our laws. It is also causing uncertainty and fear in the immigrant community.

The President has put forth a compromise. There is something for both sides to celebrate and something that amounts to a bitter pill for both sides.

If we, on either side, will not support this measure, then we are willing to accept the rancor, gridlock, and extrordinary amount of time, money and energy being spent on the issue. I believe it is time to “man up”, accept those who are here, build a wall and enforce our laws and move on. And I mean both sides. If you agree that this is the way and this is the time, send an email, letter or phone call to your Representatives and Senators to support President Trump’s compromise.

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