Our country is equally divided on most social, economic and political issues.

By -- Wayne A. White —— Bio and Archives--November 12, 2017

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Our country is equally divided on most social, economic and political issues. Both sides are adamant about their positions. This doesn’t create an atmosphere of solutions. It is really tough on businesses who are pressured (and sometimes legislated) to take sides. Once they do, they risk 50% of their business. Hobby Lobby, Target, the NFL come to mind.

For whatever reason, some businesses voluntarily pick a side. We’ve seen the self- inflicted wounds in sagging sales, boycotts, and negative publicity. The decision is made at the board or management level while stock holders pay the price.

Just like at Thanksgiving dinner, politics and religion should not be part of a business plan, nor should a business advertise their politics. It won’t end well for them. While they certainly have the right, it probably isn’t smart. If a business desires to make broad social statements, they need to understand
the likely result.

We don’t want to be preached at when attending a game, buying a cake, watching an awards show or getting an oil change. If we agree with you, you don’t need to convert us. If we disagree, do you want to alienate us?

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