Our military deserves our support, financially and morally

By -- R. Earl Warren—— Bio and Archives--May 18, 2017

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I have heard of people who are upset with our country spending money on our military.  So that got me wondering, how do you think we could prevent us from being occupied by an enemy.  And I also wonder, of the countries who could invade our country, which would be preferable to you? Do you wish that Putin was your leader, or Xi Jinping, Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, or any other person on the world stage?

Try to imagine the outcome if we had not stepped in during WWII? Would that carnage have been acceptable?  There is a difference between protecting our country, helping our allies, and standing on our principles vs. being the policemen of the world.  A well protected home with a security system, locks, homeowners insurance, maybe cameras is less likely to be robbed than the one with the door ajar, lights out and no cars in the yard.  A cop on the beat will do a better job if he has proper equipment, is well trained, has strong support from his or her chief and from the neighborhood he or she is charged with protecting.

Our military deserves our support, financially and morally. And our future depends on our military.


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Guest Column -- R. Earl Warren -- Bio and Archives | Comments

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