Be thankful that Obama, Hillary and Beto are gone, and only still there in their fervid imaginations

Passing on the ‘Beto Salad’ on Thanksgiving and Ever More

By —— Bio and Archives--November 22, 2018

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Passing on the ‘Beto Salad’ onThanksgiving and Ever More
It’s enough to put you off of today’s Thanksgiving dinner, and maybe your Christmas one too.

“Beto has gone nationwide”. (Fox News, Nov. 22, 2018)

The Manchurian Manufacturing Department of the DNC, which presented Barack Obama as the Messiah from faux Greek columns back in 2008, is now presenting Beto O’Rourke as a recycled JFK in 2018.


“With praise coming in from everyone from Beyoncé to former President Barack Obama and the Texas representative hinting at a possible run at the White House in 2020, Beto O’Rourke has become the cause célèbre among Democratic donors and activists around the country - and looks to shake up what already promises to be a crowded field of Democrats challenging President Trump. (Fox News)

“Mikal Watts, a San Antonio-area lawyer and Democratic money bundler, told Politico recently that several donors and political operatives from the first-in-the-nation caucus state of Iowa have contacted him about O’Rourke’s possible White House bid.

“They’re not wanting to sign on to other presidential campaigns until they know whether Beto is going,” Watts said. “And if Beto is running, what good progressive Democrat wouldn’t want to work for Beto O’Rourke?”

“Watts added: “I can tell you that there has not been this kind of level of electric excitement about a candidate since” Barack Obama ran in 2008.”

“The comparison between Obama and O’Rourke has been going on since the latter first shook up Cruz’s reelection bid in Texas, but has amplified since the midterm elections when O’Rourke barely lost to his Republican opponent 51 to 48 percent.

“Besides out-fundraising Cruz to the tune of $70 million, O’Rourke’s stature and closer-than-expected performance has been credited with handing victories to at least two Democrats over House Republican incumbents in the largest red state on the map.”

The Blarney Stone blather of the Irishman who bestowed upon himself an Hispanic-sounding name,  has dimmed the lights of O’Rourke and supporters.

His shaking up of Cruz’s reelection bid in Texas only came because he had $70-million to spend.

Most significantly, he lost to Cruz anyway.

Being pushed over the finish line by Yesterday Man Obama is no guarantee of making it to the presidency.

“Obama, who burst onto the national scene as a senate candidate in 2004 with his speech at the Democratic National Convention in Boston, has himself drawn parallels between the two politicians. (Fox News)

“Speaking on his former strategist David Axelrod’s “The Axe Files” podcast earlier this week, Obama called O’Rourke an “impressive young man.”


Too busy out there making speeches that don’t say much more than “Me”, “Me”, “Me”, Obama must have missed the file photo of O’Rourke making his concession speech at his election night party in El Paso, Texas.

“The reason I was able to make a connection with a sizeable portion of the country was because people had a sense that I said what I meant,” Obama said in response to one Democratic donor saying O’Rourke was “Obama, but white.”  (Fox News)

““We’ve got a number of people who are thinking about the race who I think fall in that same category.”

Downright comical that Beto, the not very credible resurrected JFK, shows in the most recent poll conducted by Politico and Morning Consult in prospective Democratic presidential candidates for 2020, placing third behind former Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.


For any of those put off their Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners because of the Obama/Democrat hype of Beto O’Rourke, U.S. President, Canada Free Press offers this little poem, sent by reader ——:


“From a Real Hispanic:

“You BETO watch out,
“You BETO not cry,
“You BETO not pout,
“I’m telling you why
Santa Cruz is coming to town.

From a real Hispanic, Linda Viva La Ted Cruz!”

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Day dinner, folks.

Be thankful that Obama, Hillary and Beto are gone, and only still there in their fervid imaginations.


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