Because of his simple, authentic, populist message, Doug Ford has become everyone’s second choice

Patrick Brown Will Meet his (Kitchener) Waterloo over Carbon Taxes

By —— Bio and Archives--February 18, 2018

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Who says Ontario politics is boring? Noooo-body! 

Take for example- this wacky Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership race.

Who will be the last man/woman/person/non-binary cisgender zee standing?

I predict Brown will fall on his flip flopping face over carbon taxes.

I am prepared to double down on my cache of virtual bitcoins, my friends.

Let us recap what has transpired in the last four weeks of this crazy, topsy/turvy Ontario PC Party.

It seemed just yesterday, not a few weeks ago, that Patrick Brown, then leader of the Ontario PC party was cruising for a sure victory over Premier Wynne and the corrupt Liberals in the upcoming June 7th provincial election.

Patrick Brown, who had campaigned for the Ontario PC leader as a tough-talking, tax-fighting, anti-Green Energy, pro-business, anti-sex ed,  social conservative, had apparently transformed himself and his party into a Liberal Liter, more urban-voter friendly conservative version of the governing Wynne Liberals.

Brown had become a male Wynne without the political baggage of years of Liberal scandals and corruption.

Brown was now okay with job-killing carbon taxes, before he was against it.

Brown was now okay with job-killing, anti-small business, rapidly increasing the minimum wage, before he was against it.

Basically, Brown was at one time in favor of everything, hence he stood for nothing, but winning.

Brown was in it, to Wynne it.

Which was fine for his party, which had been relegated to the Ontario hinterlands, for over fifteen years. Literally, figuratively and politically.

Brown viewed himself as the Tories’ Moses, who was going to finally lead them back to the Promised Land (Queen’s Park), after wandering for a decade and a half in the political desert.

That is, until CTV dropped a political bombshell on Brown and the Tory party with allegations of Brown engaging in sexual misconduct with two young women while he was a single Federal MP.  Images of a young 30- something Tory MP cum hard-partying frat boy Brown allegedly taking sexual advantage of hot young drunken babes years ago, did not reflect well on Brown or the Ontario PC party in this hyper sensitive #MeToo political world.

Literally overnight, Brown’s closest confidantes and senior campaign operatives jumped ship. Brown tearfully resigned. Within days, Doug Ford, Christine Elliott and Caroline Mulroney were in the running for the leadership, and at the last minute, joined by feisty dark horse, Tanya Granic Allen.

Now Patrick Brown, after self-clearing himself of the sexual allegations against him and after being thrown out of the Ontario PC caucus, has thrown himself into the leadership race.

My prediction, Brown’s entry is the best thing for Ford and underdog Granic Allen.

In this very short race, Ford has been leading out of the gate on policy. He is genuinely against carbon taxes, government waste, high provincial taxes and the province’s expanding deficit and debt. He is for creating jobs, encouraging investment and growing the economy. In the next debate, Ford and Granic Allen will hammer Brown on his carbon tax flip flopping , the rot in the party and the takeover of the party by corrupt elites.

Brown will fold like the cheap hustling policy-free suit, that he has always been.

Ironically, Caroline Mulroney has flip flopped on carbon taxes. She was for them before she was against them. She’s copying Doug’s policies. Call her #MeTooFord.  Christine Elliot for the third time has seized defeat from the jaws of victory by occupying the mushy middle.

Because of his simple, authentic, populist message, Doug Ford has become everyone’s second choice.


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Mitch Wolfe, a graduate of Harvard University, is the author of “Trump: How He Captured The Trump White House”, which he wrote and had published prior to the election. (available on Amazon.com)

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