Peace Rallies are great and all, but, does anyone not want peace?

By -- Malcolm Williams—— Bio and Archives--August 14, 2017

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Peace Rallies are great and all, but, does anyone not want peace? Maybe a few but I’m not sure those people will be turned into peaceniks by a rally. And I don’t mean to imply that the folks who organize rallies have poor intentions. They certainly are motivated by the best of ideals.

All I’m saying is that in a county of 178,00 or a town of almost 19,000, only 100 participants has to say something. My guess is that parading around in 90 plus degrees is not everyone’s cup of tea. But, I also think if people thought it would result in actually moving toward peace in any way, shape or form, they would have turned out.

There are 178,000 of us in Charlotte County. If we each act peacefully, especially in times of anger or frustration, the movement toward peace will be evident. Remember, we can only control ourselves. Let’s try being intentionally peaceable.

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