We will all remember the beginning of the end for Planned Parenthood as the day they tried to install pro-abortion warrior Jon Ossoff in Congress, but ended up being ‘referendumed’ instead

Planned Parenthood’s Desperate Attempt to get Jon Ossoff Elected

By —— Bio and Archives--June 22, 2017

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If the truth, rather than media propaganda got to tell the story, this is what really went down in Tuesday’s special Georgia election:

Planned Parenthood poured big money in trying to elect Democrat pro-abortion crusader Jon Ossoff to Congress in Tuesday’s special election in Georgia—but ended up instead aborting aborting his election chances.

“With $734,000 in campaign contributions, the abortion giant was the second-biggest spender on the Democratic side of the ledger — only trailing the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which poured $4.9 million into the race.” (Washington Times, June 21, 2017)

Nor did the millions sent by Hollywood to the $30-million race find success.


Providence played a key role in sending non-resident, non-entity Ossoff back into the obscurity from which the Dems dragged him.

The $734,000 Planned Parenthood contribution is a glaring reminder that the abortion giant uses taxpayer money to advance their cause of killing society’s most defenceless: innocent babies. 

The blood money Planned Parenthood gets from government comes directly from the taxpayer.

A whopping $734,000 of it was used to try to elect Ossoff.

“I encourage them to spend as much as possible on losing candidates. (Washington Times)

“The way I see it, that’s money that’s not going to enrich the heartless ghouls that profit from human irresponsibility, fear, and death.”

Like their Democrat big boosters, when the principals of Planned Parenthood envisioned Tuesday’s election as a referendum on President Donald Trump, they jumped, foursquare, into the Georgia race believing Dems and media that Ossoff was the guaranteed winner.

This was a ‘winner’ who took all, and mercifully was only able to give back nothing.

Little did they know that the outcome was to be, a referendum on Planned Parenthood.

A majority of Americans stand steadfastly against abortion.

It is not a good era for the abortion giant.  This week a California Court Dismisses Bogus Charges Against David Daleiden for Exposing Planned Parenthood

Their abortion champions Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are no longer pushing partial birth abortion (Obama) or the wicked concept that the “unborn have no rights” (Clinton).

Thanks be to God Almighty that the crimson tide is turning at last against Planned Parenthood and covering the organization with the tell-tale blood of millions of aborted babies they insist on calling fetuses.

In the end we will all remember the beginning of the end for Planned Parenthood as the day they tried to install pro-abortion warrior Jon Ossoff in Congress, but ended up being ‘referendumed’  instead.


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