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PM Trudeau SNC Lavalin Corruption Scandal

By —— Bio and Archives--March 10, 2019

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A single act of integrity by a politician has caused a national crisis. It’s become an oxymoron to ask how difficult it is to be an honest Member of Parliament.

Why is our local MP John Aldag, and other Liberal MP minions so willing to spin their laughable defense of PM Trudeau?

The Libs are feverishly writing letters to newspapers across the country trying to downplay the scandal and change the subject.

It tells us that they are ok with crony capitalist corruption and that being elected gives them the power to manipulate the laws to help their friends.


We are so conditioned to accept corruption in politics that it only took one MP in a high position to cause ‘a scandal of honesty in government’.

Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould had the audacity to apply the judicial laws of Canada in a legal,  non-partisan ethical way.

Then after being cornered into a box by the corrupt politicians of her own party, JWR spoke truth to power and exposed them.

PM Trudeau and his lackeys were conspiring to circumvent those laws to protect their favourite corporate donor SNC-Lavalin from court trial.

SNC-Lavalin tops the list of World Bank’s corrupt companies of which 117 are Canadian, the most of any country.

Trudeau’s public strategy was to spin the virtuous narrative of:

1). Saving 9,000 jobs, which is a red herring distraction. Those are jobs that SNC-Lavalin manage mostly under various existing project contracts across the country.

The jobs don’t disappear, they go to one company or the other. SNC does not get credit for providing those jobs, it’s the funding for those projects that create the jobs.

Example; The Pattullo Bridge project. SNC Lavalin, Kiewit and a third consortium of contractors are bidders.

Other than executive management, the jobs will be hired and managed by whichever company is awarded that contract. 

2). The jeopardy of SNC-Lavalin leaving Quebec, is Trudeau’s other deceptive fallacy.  SNC’s headquarters in Montreal (over 100 years) are committed to remain in Quebec until at least 2024 under a loan agreement as they are integrally connected to Quebec’s main Public Pension Fund ‘Caisse’ and other institutions.

Even a change in corporate ownership doesn’t mean the headquarters and jobs would move, it would just be a name-change transfer of ownership.

SNC-Lavalin: Does 9,000 jobs make it a ‘public policy problem’?
Caisse de dépôt will ‘be a rock’ for SNC-Lavalin, CEO Sabia says

Bottom line is that Trudeau is worried about losing his own seat as well as other seats in Quebec.

Many of us lost confidence in Trudeau long ago, now I think he should go back to practicing his drama in a different venue.


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Roland resides on the West Coast of Canada adjacent to the US border.  As a senior taxpayer, he has taken to writing to express his frustrations of government waste, mismanagement, overspending, and other BS extremes. Now a retired grandpa, active with his family and rural lifestyle, he spent his career years as an Architectural Designer, Carpenter and Building Inspector. He promotes good but reasonable environmental practices.

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